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Trying Reverse Harem for FREE… PLUS a couple giveaways!!

Good morning everyone! I know that jumping into a new genre can be hard, especially when it means spending your hard earned cash on something you may or may not like. Well since I LOVE the Reverse Harem genre so much I wanted to share some books that are FREE right now! Snatch these babies up while they are still FREE as I know some will not be for long!! PLUS, I have decided to throw a couple of GIVEAWAYS on here for books that aren’t free but I think are awesome and I want to spread the love! 😊❤

Click the title of the book to check it out on Amazon (some links go to websites other than Amazon)! ALSO — don’t forget to leave reviews when you finish a book… it’s the decent thing to do 😉 😁


This is a favorite of mine. This book is so freaking good — see my review for it here!

Avalanche of Desire.jpg

Shattered Illusions.jpg

I also love this one! Again, my review… it’s right here! 😊

Between the Sheets.jpg

This is a collaborative book by a bunch of AMAZING authors! I haven’t read all of this yet, I save it for a good go to when I’m going through a book hump *snort* and I need a really good sexy scene. PLUS it has added A LOT of books to my TBR list (because it’s obviously lacking….) 

Sold to the wolves

ghost bird

rose's boys.jpg

summoned by magic.jpg

chosen by darness

ALSO — since I want everyone to try this amazing genre and as these books aren’t free I wanted to set up a giveaway! 😁 

Enter HERE to win a copy of Perfect by Adell Ryan


See my review for this amazing book here! 

Enter HERE to win a copy of Winter Princess by Skye MacKinnon

Winter Princess.jpg

See my review for this amazing book here!

Queen Takes Checkmate… The BEST for last, please don’t be the end…

I feel like I have been waiting for Queen Takes Checkmate by Joely Sue Burkhart my entire life. Okay, maybe that’s excessive but I feel like it’s been a long time. She is such a freaking talented writer I fall in love with every single character each and every time I read one of the books. Like how could I love these people anymore?! She makes it happen! This is book #5 in the ‘Their Vampire Queen’ series. It’s also the BEST book in the series. I’ve said that after I finish every book in this series, but just when you think Joely can’t top her last book she does. They.  Are. So. Fucking. Good. Oh! & let’s talk about that cover…. Gahhhhhh all the covers in this series are so freaking gorgeous. I mean they have to be… it’s Shara Fucking Isador. Last living descendant of Isis. SHE IS THE SHIT. Let’s get into it…..

Queen takes Checkmate

Find it here on Amazon!

See my review of the first book, Queen Takes Knights, here!

So we are back with Shara and all her guys. You know… Rik, Daire, Guillaume, Mehen, Xin, Itztli, Tlacel, Ezra, Nevarre, and Llewellyn. I literally love them all. We don’t know a huge amount about Llewellyn since he just joined but don’t worry. He’ll have a place in your heart soon. Anyways, Shara has just taken down New York’s Aima Queen, Keisha Skye. Not only did she take her down, she drained her. So now she is this disgusting pile of nasty on the floor. Defeating Keisha and her demon child Tanza, man that child was a thing of nightmares…. Bah… I swear I picture like the grudge girl and the ring girl mixed together. Eek. 😱

the grudge.gif the ring

Everyone is intact, and all seems to be well. Shara is of course internally freaking out because what the fuck just happened. She almost lost Rik to Tanza the freaky demon child, and everything could have went to hell in a hand-basket and she could have died. All her men could have died. It could have been disastrous. Luckily, it wasn’t because Shara Fucking Isador is a badass who ALWAYS kicks ass. I mean who else could completely drain a queen?! Shara Isador, the Queen of New York biatch. But defeating Keisha doesn’t mean that Shara and her men can just all reunite and have a sexy blood orgy does it?! Of course not.. There are some political ends that need to be tied up. Like Skye Tower is now Isador tower, badass ammirite?! All of Keisha’s Furies (what she called her Blood that consisted of all females), Sibs, and other vampire groupies have to be dealt with. So, Shara has to decide who to take on, who to set free, and who to kill.. PLUS, there is an ancient sun god mummified in the basement. No biggie… 😐

all hail.gif

Shara adds some Sibs to her team. Gwen, who’s Blood are guys from the round table *gasp * swoon*. As well as Carys, who has a badass owl that shits all over her 🤢 & has the power to determine the probably of things/actions. Things are looking pretty good. She has to kill some of the less savory characters that were into the super psychotic shit Keisha Skye was into. She also has to make a decision about this new guy she has taken in, Llewellyn. We don’t currently know a lot about him other than he used to be one of her mother’s Blood and that Keisha Skye kept him prisoner, cut out his eyes, and kept a bad over his head. I mean we already feel sorry for the poor fellow, plus he really stepped up with helping Shara defeat Keisha. Weird thing though, he used to have sex with her mom… Soooooo…. Yeah….

off with her head.gif

Now that Skye Isador Tower has been taken care of we should be able to get back to sexy time with the guys, right?! Well, kinda. We do have some suuuuper sexy scenes. Cuz I mean Joely knows how to write the sexiest scenes known to mankind. Then we also get a NEW Blood. I know what you are thinking, how the hell am I supposed to keep track of a NEW Blood?! There are so many. Well shut your trap, there are never too many 😉 This new Blood also has some qualities that separate her from the rest of the Blood… I know, you are intrigued…

blood sex.gif

Everything can’t be all sexy time though. I know, cue booing. They also have to get rid of Ra, the sun god who they’ve been trying to get rid of for a couple of books. Plus, he just recently tried to take Xochitl, Mayte’s daughter AKA Queen of Unicorns This bastard has gots to go. There are a lot of preparations that have to go into taking out Ra because he is a fucking God which means he is obviously hard to kill. Also, there was the deal made with the Goddess, Coatlicue, that in return for the cobra that will help kill Ra that one of Shara’s Blood must die. Dear. God. No. Please. So this whole time I am freaking out trying to figure out who Joely is going to kill off…. PLEASE JOELY, PLEASE DON’T *sob* 😭 


This book is so amazing. Like when I finished I didn’t know what to do with myself. How do you move on from something so perfect?! You don’t. You just don’t. So, now I have to decide whether to re-read this one of just go for the long haul and re-read the entire series again. It’s that damn good! Shara is a badass heroine that we all want in our lives. She isn’t whiny or easily pushed over. She is the Queen. She is Shara Fucking Isador. Her men are swoony, hilarious, adorable, badass, sexy, and every wonderful adjective you can think of. I honestly don’t know who I love more. Sometimes it’s Mehen because ahhhh who doesn’t love a stubborn dragon who is actually a softy. Then it’s Ezra because that sexy take no nonsense cursing like a sailor bear is just so fucking hot. Then there are Rik and Daire, the original two. So sexy, protective, and their dynamic with each other and Shara is just… Ah… Swoon. There are all amazing. ALL. This can’t be the last book.  It just can’t………… This won’t be the last book.

like it.gif

I’m swooning over here…. Wanna join?!

Can this vampire lover like this Vampire Hunter?! Shattered Illusions.

I decided to purchase this book after the author had a quiz in a Facebook Group that told you which of her book characters you were. I took the quiz and found out I was Ashryn Baker so of course I had to buy the book. I was a little skeptical if I would like it because Ashryn is a vampire hunter. What?! I love vampires, please don’t kill them! Some of my favorite book boyfriends are vampires! You stay away from them Ashryn! I don’t care how alike we are 😊 Well let’s lose a little of the fear there dolls, because I am here to tell you that this is really good book. Let’s get into it ❤

Shattered Illusions

Find it here on Amazon!

Ashryn has been raised by the guild, her and most of the other members were raised from young children to be vampire hunters. That seems safe, right? Ashryn isn’t just any vampire hunter, she is one of the best. So, it’s not surprising that she gets a really difficult task from the commander of the guild. Not surprising but definitely odd, since her task is a solo one against 10 vampires. A mission that usually consists of three hunters, but it’s just her. Seems pretty sketch. Also seems like the commander might be a douchebag but maybe that’s just me.

vampire hunter

Ashryn arrives at the location and is ready to kick some vampire ass. I’ve spoken before that I do have a sweet spot for one vampire hunter, Blade, so I’m thinking maybe I can get behind this. Maybe these vampires are really big assholes. Like killing children and shit. You know, the assholes on True Blood in the first season that really freak out Sookie. Oh! Or the vampires in The Strain. Those vampires are the worst. Plus, really fucking terrifying. Literally, things of nightmares. Trust me, I’ve had the nightmares! I STILL DO! But as you can probably tell, I love vampires. BUT the point is I’m still on board with Ashryn as a vampire hunter. Get it girl.

strain.gif   the strain.gif

Well she gets into the location where the 10 vampires she is supposed to get rid of are. She runs into some issues because of course this mission is built for 3 hunters and even though she is a badass she isn’t Thor. Not everyone can be Thor. So.. something unthinkable happens. The mission fails. What happens when a vampire hunter fails her mission? Death? Probably, but not what happens. No, she gets turned. WHAT?! Fuck. Yes. Ashryn is now a vampire and has to figure out how to navigate these waters. No sunlight? Craving blood? Sexy vampires? YES!


I really enjoyed this book. It isn’t long, but it is a very interesting story that I haven’t run into before. The vampires she meets are super sexy and swoony. How does she handle becoming the thing she was raised to hate? Will she start mixing with any of the vampire men? WHAT ON EARTH IS GOING TO HAPPEN?! This is a must read for you vampire lovers, I can’t wait to jump into the second one. Swoon with me dolls ❤

what would happebn.gif

Chosen. To Choose or Not to Choose…

There is a very sad absence of reverse harem romance books in the Audible Romance package. I am mostly forced to read via Kindle Unlimited, use my Audible credits on reverse harem audiobooks, and of course purchase from my favorite authors. I was able to find one reverse harem series recently through the Audible Romance Package, ‘Chosen: Their Vampire Princess Book 1’ by Harlow Thomas and Anastasia James. I really enjoy listening to audiobooks at work and had been on a bit of a slump lately. I was very pleasantly surprised by this book. Plus look at the cover! I am putty for a good book cover ❤


Find it here on Amazon!

Find it here on Audible!

I was skeptical of course as it isn’t very long and immediately starting the book was not a huge fan of the narrator’s voice. Even upon ending the book, I feel that I have only accepted it and still really don’t love her voice. I couldn’t really differentiate between the men’s voice and they always just sounded so weird. Maybe I’ve been spoiled by some really amazing narrators and this girl is actually fine I’ve just become biased. Either way, I was able to push through the narration and listen to what turned out to be a really good story.


I love paranormal romance. Seriously love it. I feel like my love for vampires started with Blade and Twilight. Two completely different sides of the spectrum, but still… Vampires, swoon. Then came True Blood where I just completely became entranced in these wonderful creatures called vampires. They are just so freaking sexy. Everything about them is hot. Whew. Then a couple recent favorites of mine, Their Vampire Queen series by Joely Sue Burkhart and The Forbidden Bond series by Cat Miller, has just continued to stoke the flame of my love for vampires.


So, I obviously love vampires. The question is, did I love Chosen? The answer is yes. Although it is not my favorite vampire book ever it is definitely still an awesome book.

thumbs up

We have our vampire princess, Felicity, who must choose one of the four human men presented to her as her prince and future husband. This is a long standing tradition for the women in Felicity’s family and she is soooo not ready. She is shipped off to an island with her four male suitors and she must choose one of them otherwise she cannot rule and the Night Court will fall. No pressure… ammirite?! The island is able to give her a ‘human experience’ while courting the four men. She is not burned by the sun, doesn’t have her speed or strength, is sensitive to heat and cold, but still needs human blood. The men, well they are there to feed her, both in blood and body.

grow up.gif

Of course, our vampire princess is a virgin because she has to save herself for her future husband. *Rolls Eyes* & to think I was believing this to be a matriarchal rule, seems like a pretty patriarchal idea to me buuuuut I digress… Some of the guys are also virgins but some are not, double standards much? The guys are sexy and pretty charming constantly trying to win Felicity’s hand with their charm. Except Garrett, he is the asshole, so of course I’m desperately in love with him… #badboyissues. He seems to be only doing this for his village and doesn’t expect a lot out of Felicity except a spoiled princess. Winning her hand means a lifetime of protection for his village. The vampire Night Court would protect them from attacks from shifters, demons, wraiths, and witches. Something all the guys desperately want.


Things go from introductions and being tame to scorching hot in a short matter of time. She has some intimate moments with the men and decides that she must dedicate whole days to them so that she can get to know them better and make her choice. Her first date is with Sebastian who is very arrogant and sure of himself. They spend the day in a small little cove with a waterfall kissing and doing some, errr, extra curriculars 😉 In one short day Felicity goes from never being kissed to kissing multiple men and having her first orgasm on Sebastian’s hand. Doesn’t waste any time, this little vampire princess!

big o.gif

After her wonderful date with Sebastian she comes back ready to choose him. I mean, who can blame her after the sexy day she had with him. Garrett and Miller immediately greet her individually asking her not to choose yet. Garrett with a very sexy kiss and Miller with some interesting, errr, downstairs kissing… The last guy, Thomas, hasn’t really had any time with her. Honestly, Felicity is already overwhelmed by her choices so she isn’t really looking forward to getting another man into the mix. Her day with Thomas is of course overwhelmingly sexy as well. HOW IS A GIRL TO CHOOSE WITH ALL THIS SEXINESS GOING ON?!

men in rotation.gif

This book isn’t really long so if you aren’t a big fan of the narrator you don’t have to suffer long. Although this is just the first book in the series soooo I suppose I’ll be listening longer. Maybe she’ll grow on me. I feel that this is an interesting enough story to keep me going even if I’m not head over heels for the narrator. If audiobooks aren’t your thing this book is also on Kindle Unlimited so you can give the characters your own voices. I do have to say men sound MUCH sexier in my head. They usually sound like the sexy men I love in movies like Charlie Hunnam, Heath Ledger, Chris Pratt, Alexander Skarsgard, and Ashton Kutcher. God those men are swoony. Buuuut back to the task at hand. This is a really good book and it is suuuuper sexy! Who is ready to swoon with me?!

Swooning over Death of Gods. Yum.

Life of a reader can be difficult sometimes, especially for those prone to really falling in love with a book, series, characters, etc. My husband is able to just hop from book to book. I like to call him a book whore. I, on the other hand, get into long term relationships with books. I find an AMAZING book that just happens to be a series, SCORE! I read the first, read the second, and I’m like nom nom nom GIVE ME MORE! Only to find… Oh god… NO…. Book three isn’t out yet?!?!?! NOOOOOOOOO!!!!


This is exactly what I experienced with the Vampire Crown series by Scarlett Dawn and Katherine Rhodes. I sped through the first and I was SUUUUPER intrigued by Gwen and mildly interested in Kimber (see my review of book one, Queen of Gods, here). Immediately jumped right into the second book, King of Gods. This is where I fell in love with Kimber! Seriously. I still need to write a review of that one because I seriously love love loved it! Swoon. Buuuut I finished book two and was like, okay now let’s get into book three! I’M READY! Wait. Where is book three?! PRE-ORDER?! WHAT IS THE MEANING OF THIS?! OH. THE. HUMANITY.

death of gods.jpg

Find it here on Amazon!

So now I’ve finished book three, Death of Gods, and it was FUCKING amazing. So good. Like seriously. COME ON BOOK FOUR! Let’s start with the title of this book. Death of Gods?! WHO IS GOING TO DIE?! What?! WHY IS IT CALLED DEATH OF GODS WITH BEL ON THE COVER?! Do I even want to read this?! Yes, yes you do. *Spoiler, Bel doesn’t die* I feel like all the Bel lovers just audibly sighed. Rest easy. Our sexy vamp is still kicking. Swoon.

don't play me.gif

We ended book two and Kimber has bought down the mountain. Score! Finally, time for our worlds to connect. Maybe? I’m not sure. Reading through books 1 and 2 I still didn’t understand how the worlds connected. Is Kimber in the past and Gwen the present? Is it happening at the same time? Is Kimber in the future?! I DON’T KNOW BUT I’M STILL INTRIGUED! Well the answer we were all waiting for is answer at the end of this book. I love it. AGAIN, I CAN’T WAIT FOR BOOK FOUR! So, like I said the mountain is S’Kir falls. It’s time for the druids and vampires to reunite! Sweet reunions are in their futures, right?! Wrong. Kimber immediately gets shot in the leg by a vampire. But literally none of the druids know what a gun is. They call it a hand cannon and I almost die. Hand cannon. Snort. Kimber is trying to recover from her gun shot wound surrounded by her three very sexy men. Swoon.


After recovering from her gun shot wound her men start doing that stupid protective thing where they don’t tell the MC what is happening around her. They try to coddle and baby her. Annoying. Kimber being the badass woman she is sees right through this.

‘I am Mistress Kimber Raven of the Temple of the Lost God. I am the Breaker of the Spine. I am the Healer of S’Kir. I am not a simple woman. I am not a fool, nor stupid or ignorant. If you wish to continue to bed me, you will not hide your concerns about me or about anyone else who shares that space. If I cannot trust you three, I cannot trust anyone. Am I understood?’

Well damn. You tell ‘em girl! 😊 When she eventually forgives them, and they stop acting like asses there are some suuuuuper steamy scenes. Especially one with the 4 of them and we find out a secret sexual weapon to use against Dorian. Plus, their super steamy sexy time gives them a HUGE magical boost. Freaking druids, they obviously have all the luck 😉

mic drop.gif

During a decoy raiding party, Kimber and her group that includes Roran is taken by the vampires straight to the vampire king. Shit. So the king, Savion, is a freaking nutcase. Like literally psychotic. He murders someone in their party to get Kimber to reveal herself as the Breaker and lets the rest go. Thank god. If Roran died I would have been sobbing. For days. Whew. Kimber has to use her wit along with the help of some unlikely friends to escape the crazy king’s clutches. She has some ‘holy shit’ moments when she finds out some interesting things about her parents as well as her heritage. Can she escape and get back to her men?! Will they all survive the war between vampires and druids?!

mess you up.gif

Now let’s go over Gwen. Oh Gwen, how I love you and your badassery. Kimber is a badass in a more inventive/subtle way whereas Gwen is more in your face I’m a fucking vampire and I’ll rip our head off kinda badass. Gwen is queen and Niallan is king. They’ve just faced an attack from humans making the overlords, queen, and king have to evaluate their safety and the safety of their people. Plus Gwen and Bel are still trying to get the Original Druid Amulet from Niallan. Shit is about to go down. In more ways than one.


I seriously love the relationship building in this book. Lord Belshazzar was this scary overlord in the first book that I have really grown to love. He is up there in #1 fictional boyfriends. He is so hot. So raw. So strong. Swoon. He has grown SUPER attached to Gwen. Like enough to scare her as she is the type to usually run when shit gets real. He is the alpha in their relationship and she does not know how to deal. It’s completely obvious he is in love with her and she is in love him. It’s so obvious. I’m in love with them both. I don’t want to steal how many super freaking cute an amazing moments there are from you so I will let you read them. They are sooooo swoonworthy though ❤ We also get to see Gwen and her father’s relationship grow. He is also someone I saw as a complete asshole. He’s growing on me though and he is definitely growing on Gwen. They have some super cute father-daughter moments that are far from typical father-daughter moments but still super adorbs.

i want him.gif

I haven’t spent much time on Gwen but it’s honestly because I don’t want to spoil anything. I want the ‘holy fucking shit ball sandwich’ moments I had for you to have to. Because seriously, there are some moments where I was just like OMG WHAT IS HAPPENING OMG WHY ARE WE SWITCHING BACK TO KIMBER WHAT ABOUT GWEN?! As well as vice-versa moments with Kimber. This book series is so amazing. I feel like the people that drop out on book one just needed to hang in there. This is an amazing world to jump into and book one did a HUGE amount of world building. Since book one did such a good job at world building we don’t spend as much time in it on book two and three. I can’t believe more people aren’t talking about this series because it is seriously becoming one of my all-time favorites. I’m serious. YOU NEED TO READ THE BOOKS.  Do it! RIGHT NOW!

Swoon with me, won’t you?!

right now.gif

Leyak. Can a girl catch a break?!

Oh. Em. Gee. Seriously guys. Swoon. I just finished Leyak by L A Boruff, the 2nd book in her Unseen series. It was so freaking amazing. So swoony. Action packed. Wonderful goodness. Time to dive in


Find it here on Amazon!

We are back with Riley and the guys, Elias and Anthony, and all those kids we absolutely adore  Plus, we have a new guy we were introduced to a bit in the previous book, Supay. His name is Axoular and he is Sarkany, aka lizard/dragon people, like Riley. He’s super sweet and is always cooking as well as taking care of Riley and the kids. Riley is still reeling from having to experience her husband’s death all over again when it is revealed that his reappearance was just a shapeshifter impersonating him. To top it off, Riley is pregnant. Very pregnant. Because of this and some pregnancy complications she has been given restricted, err, physical limitations. You know, doing the dirty… What a giant freaking bummer. Especially since she has two absolutely gorgeous husbands.


Riley is also having trouble forgiving Elias now that the smoke has cleared after the adventure with the fake Michael and her discovering her Sarkany ancestry. The fact the he integrated himself into her life and became her friend when he knew about her late husband, Michael’s fate as well as where her children were being kept is a hard pill to swallow. She understands the limitations he was under but is still deeply hurt by the transgression. Realizing that she has been emotional distant from Elias she decides they should spend a weekend together to reconnect. Please just forgive him Riley! He is way too cute to be mad at! 😊

forgive me

When she approaches Elias with the suggestion of spending some time away he of course jumps on the opportunity. Cindy the witch helps them by making a portal to send Riley, Elias, and Anthony on a surprise getaway to Bali. They are on a private beach staying at a private cottage owned by the Supay. It is a super hot trip that is of course filled with some steamy scenes when Riley’s physical restrictions are lifted. Yay! She is in for a night of some hot sex and some super orgasmic bites from her vampire husbands. Yum. Axoular joins them on their getaway when Riley has a bad experience playing with fire, her fire that is 😉 She overexerts her energy levels testing out her newfound power so of course they call in the only person that can understand what is happening to her, our lovely Axo. While on the trip Axo and Riley discover their feelings for each other. Swoon. That of course Anthony and Elias are 100% okay with. Swoon. What a lucky girl!


Riley and Axo decide to take their relationship slow. Uh what? I thought this was reverse harem? Doesn’t that mean nonstop sexy times? I jest, of course fictional characters can take it slow. Not everyone is a tart. Snort. Well Riley and Axo decide to go on a date, how freaking adorable. It’s like super adorbs until OF COURSE they both get abducted. Jesus H Christ can’t we just have a moment of peace? I mean she is pregnant for god’s sake and just wants to turn her triad into a quad. CUT A GIRL A BREAK!

come on

Who would abduct them you ask? Well fake Michael, aka Peter’s father, of course. Freaking shapeshifters man, or as they are better known as the Leyak. THE NAME OF THE BOOK. Look at shit coming together all intricate and shit. Well, this fucking creep Dumadi, holds Riley and Axo hostage in a temple so that she will be forced to have her baby there. Dumadi is convinced that Riley is carrying his son Peter’s baby, which I mean she could be. There is a chance it could be Elias’s, Anthony’s, or Peter’s. He is still a psycho though… Finally after deciding enough is enough Riley bursts into flames like Faux the phoenix in Dumbledore’s office. Poof! Dumbledore out! Well, I mean Riley and Axo out. Throwing fireballs and those that try to stop her, um badass, she and Axo are able to escape Dumadi and his goons.


Since they are no longer safe with the Leyak after them Riley, the guys, and the kids have to find somewhere to hide out until after she has the baby and things calm down. The logical option is to stay to Michael’s mom’s house. Obviously. After just getting done reading the Hijinks Harem series (see my review here) and dealing with Ari’s bitch of a mother-in-law Joan, Riley’s mother-in-law is a breath of fresh air. She is super nice and welcomes them into the home with open arms, plus she buzzes off to steer suspicion away from the house. This house is freaking huge because the Supay are loaded. Man, I would be pissed if I was Riley too. If my husband and I struggled with bills and I find out he was secretly loaded. I would flip my lid. So nooooow they are safe tucked away in MIL’s house, right? WHAT COULD POSSIBLY GO WRONG?!?!?!


This book is so amazing. Riley, Elias, Anthony, and Axo are such lovable characters.I do have to 100% praise the author, L A Boruff, for being so breastfeeding supportive. When Riley gives birth, she is a nursing momma and I LOVE LOVE LOVE that. I personally breastfed my now 4-year-old until she was 2 ½. Go breastfeeders! Keep that liquid gold coming ladies! 😉


There are plenty of some really steamy scenes in this book that are totally swoon-worthy. Plus, some more twists and turns that continually keep you guessing. I never knew what was going to happen next and was constantly muttering ‘oh shit!’ to myself. I don’t want to give too much away because you need to read it yourself! Like now! Get to swooning dolls!

Vampire Politics and a Magical Mountain… Queen of Gods

Time to swoon over Queen of Gods by Scarlett Dawn & Katherine Rhodes!! I just love this series so far — book 3 comes out August 14th!! PLUS, can we talk about how freaking gorgeous the cover is?! Ahhhh 😍 

queen of gods

Find it here on Amazon!

This book goes through two POVs, so we have two separate MCs.

First, we have Gwynnore who is a vampire that has awoken from her rest for the last two hundred years. She is greeted by her friend Adelie in her crypt in Morocco, ready to feed and deal with the pull she is feeling. She has awoken from her slumber early because the Overlords have summoned her as a candidate for Queen Novitiate. The candidate to complete the five trials will become Queen Novitiate or Queen of the vampires. Her besite Adelie brings her a whole slew of humans to feast on so she can take their blood and their memories. How else is a vampire to get the updated slang?!

vampire crypt.gif

The overlords are surprisingly some of my new favorite people… err vampires. No sparkles here for the overlords and they are definitely not eating mountain lions (sorry Twilight, you still hold a special place in my heart). Lord Belshazzar (dear lord what a name), Lord Xenon, Lord Cato, Lord Otto, and Lord Pippin make up the truly terrifying, hilarious, and sometimes annoying group of overlords that hold the candidacy for Queen Navitiate. Lord Cato is Gwen’s father, a true dick that hasn’t been a big part of Gwen’s almost one thousand years of life. Lord Pippin, Gwen’s last love and a man who chose the crown over her. Lord Belshazzar is just a swoonfest, an absolute swoonfest. We don’t know why yet, but the swooning will come. The others are funny in their own right and bring their own essence to the story. Especially when they test Gwen’s patience 🙂 I kept picturing as the Volturi from Twilight then as a host of completely gorgeous gods of men. I’m still not completely sure of what they look like in my head. All I know is that Lord Belshazzar and Lord Pippin are HOT


Gwen is truly my favorite character in this book. She is a kickass biatch that gets in trouble for her mouth and sassy attitude. She is also the type to kick ass first and ask questions later. Qualities that may drive the overlords crazy but make her the perfect candidate for Queen. The trials are dark and truly push Gwen to her limits. One moment it seems she is being hazed and the next she is having to do the unthinkable. Her story was hilarious, SEXY as hell, and completely heartbreaking at times.

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Our second MC is a druid named Kimber. Druids are magical people that live in S’Kir protected from the vampires by a large magical mountain raised centuries ago – I know, I know. I feel silly typing the words ‘large magical mountain’ but the mountain has magic! This was at times difficult for me to grasp. It is strange that I can completely get behind vampires, shifters, and Harry Potter but a magical mountain. I just don’t know. Maybe if there were Hobbits climbing up it, just maybe.


Kimber is a teacher as well as an acolyte at the temple where her people worship the Lost God. Her story has a very Jane Austin ‘Pride and Prejudice’ feel in terms of the way they speak and act. Being through her point of view we see S’Kir as this very peaceful place where the temple masters are respected, and everyone accepts the beliefs. As the story progresses and the people of S’Kir learn of Kimber’s ability to speak with the mountains magic we see just how naïve her beliefs are.  


This book is classified as Reverse Harem, I spent a lot of time waiting for the reverse harem to happen. Where are all the men?! Gwen has some fun times with two different guys so for all intents and purposes the fact that it is seen as ‘okay’ could be deemed reverse harem. But not reaally.  So for all of you hard-core reverse harem fans (i.e. me) I want to warn you that this book is not Reverse Harem. WAIT. Don’t leave me yet, because I have read the 2nd book in this series as well. THAT book is Reverse Harem. There is also a third book that will be released this month (yay!). So you just gotta hold on, I promise you it is WORTH the ride. Plus, it’s a really good ride 😉 PERFECT SEGWAY TO THE SWOONING.

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As we have two MCs there are plenty of opportunities to swoon. Gwen as I mentioned before is forced into very close proximity to her previous lover Lord Pippin. There is also Lord Belshazzar. Oh. Em. Gee. Lord Belshazzar is such a dark character that is a complete asshole. Also a complete dream boat. What can I say? I have a thing for bad boys, sue me. Plus when he tells her to call him Bel… Gahhhhh. I. Just. Can’t. Even. ❤ There is also the candidate for King Novitiate. We don’t get a huge amount of information about him in this book (the 2nd book is more focused on him). But we know him as the Original Druid that Gwen used to crush on when she was a teen. We all have that guy. We can only hope that we are as badass and as sexy as Gwen when we are reintroduced to our childhood crush. FAT chance, ammirite?

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When Kimber discovers the magic within the mountain speaking to her she is with a friend of her, Elex. Wrapped up in the magic of the moment – pun intended – they share such a swoony moment. Elex and Kimber are just so absolutely adorable together while still having the hot steaminess of Gwen and Lord Belshazzar. I feel like you can get two completely different types of love in romance books. There is the hot and heavy love full of steamy scenes and just complete electricity. Then, there is the love that is just so dreamy and just makes you feel all gooey inside. Think on one side Rachel and Paolo and then on the other Rachel and Ross. Both two very awesome types of loves but very different. This book lets you experience BOTH. #swoon

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I truly love this book and enjoyed it so much. I had difficulty with Gwen being my absolute favorite character throughout the whole book and struggled finding the same love for Kimber. I finished the book so excited to start the next and loved that one EVEN MORE. I think that having to explain two completely different worlds makes the first one sometimes a struggle as there are so many characters and moving pieces to each story. I feel like the majority of people reading through the Queen of Gods will end like me absolutely loving it. For those DNF (did not finish) readers I ask you to finish the book. Try again. You will not regret it ❤ 

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A Twisty Turny Journey called ‘Supay’

Okay… Who is ready to have your mind effed? L A Boruff’s book Supay has more twists than an M Night Shyamalan movie and you will LOVE every second of it!


Find it on Amazon here!

Riley comes home to find her family is gone without a trace. Her husband and her two boys have just disappeared along with all their belongings. She is obviously devastated and continues looking for them without any success. In the five years since she lost them she becomes this bad ass chick that kicks ass and takes names. Cue training montage. It feels like the movie Enough with J-Lo where she starts training to kick her abusive husband’s ass, except Riley is training to never have to live in fear again. She never once believed her husband left with the kids, she knows something horrible happened and she refuses to let the same happen to her.


Things begin to get weird one day when a supposed FBI agent comes to her door with a phony name and story asking to interview her again about the day her husband disappeared. Now that she is a bad ass she obviously tricks him into slipping up in his facade and pulls a gun on him. Um, talk about bad ass?! The fake FBI agent reveals himself to be a man named Anthony who knows where her family is, so she passes out. I mean I don’t blame her, talk about overwhelming.

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Well after waking up and no longer feeling safe in her home she goes to stay at her friend and trainer’s house, Elias. Who just happens to be a hunk. Riley has to avoid temptation because her family could still be alive. There’s no harm in a little cuddling though, right? The twists keep coming when Riley finds out that Elias and Anthony know each other. They don’t just know each other, they grew up together. Along with her missing husband. Talk about complicated.


Supay takes you into an amazing world of vampires that are seriously SO unlike your typical vampires. Take what you know about vampires and throw it out because this book will show you that you know nothing. Riley is opened up to this supernatural world that has literally been right outside her doorstep. All she has to do is get back her family, mix it up a little with some sexy supernatural hunks (this is REVERSE HAREM so hunks is plural!), avoid the supernatural government that wants to kill her for her knowledge, as well as learning about herself and her own connection with the supernatural. All in a days work right?!

pile it up

The twists and turns of this journey will constantly keep you guessing. You can see how much research and knowledge the author put into this book.  & I love to finally have a plus sized beauty as a MC who struggles being comfortable in her skin. The men are dreamy dreamy dreamy who love and worship her just as she is. (Cause you know, there are men that LOVE us THICK ladies too!) Take this journey of magic and unknown with Riley, I promise you won’t regret it!!!


P.S Wanna know the best part? The second book, Leyak, JUST CAME OUT. I know right?! Find it here then come back and SWOON with me ❤