Super stoked to be supernatural. Dannan.

My biggest goal for myself right now is to just go through my current TBR list and read those books. Goal seems like too strong a word. Like if I succeed I’m accomplishing something great when all I’m doing is showing minor restraint that most people have. I have a problem where I continually buy new books (a ‘problem’ I’m not planning to stop) or I skim through Kindle Unlimited and/or Audible Romance Package looking for my next read/listen when I have a TON of books that I’ve already bought, borrowed, or won. I mean a TON. I know they all won’t be amazing but I have A LOT that I know will be. This is one. I knew it’d be good. I’ve read the first two books in the series already and loved them. I think I mostly didn’t want to start because I knew once I did it’d be over. Well I started and it’s over. Now back to stalking her Facebook page for the next book in the series… 

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If you are like me you finished Supay and Leyak and you were ready for some more adventures and sexy times with Riley. Then you see book #3 and you are like who the eff is Jen?! Roan?! Alexander?! WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE?! I WANT RILEY! I WANT ELIAS! I WANT ANTHONY! I WANT AXO! I don’t know why. I always do this.. I have read several series where they switch up characters between books and I always love it. I start off thinking I don’t get a crap about them and end in loving them. No difference here. I don’t know why I continue to surprise myself with this shit. Plus it’s L A Boruff so I knew it’d be good.

Well Jen is Riley’s cousin, see the connection… Riley isn’t gone 😊 Jen is also completely human. Or so she thinks.*Insert evil laugh* When Riley went into the portal to the land of the Sarkany she set something into action. Apparently when she did this it activated the Sarkany gene in Jen and potentially other members of Riley’s family. Jen is walking down the courthouse steps when her life changed forever. How awesome to have such an earth shattering moment. I can only imagine mine would be so much duller since I’m not a fictional character. Julia was sitting in her recliner eating cheesecake when her life changed forever. Doesn’t quite have the same ring to it. Well Jen’s walk turns into a fall and right before she hits the ground… she doesn’t. She is frozen mid-air and has sprouted purple scales and wings. 

Unlike a lot of stories where something like this happens to the main character she isn’t completely terrified. At first she is very skeptical. She just thinks that some crowd magician has tricked her. That this is all a stunt. Then after she is approached by a strange man who is angered by her scaly appearance she realizes this isn’t a stunt. Something about her has changed and she has no control of it. Sure she is freaked out that she can’t change herself back but overall she is pretty stoked. She has become a supernatural creature just like from her books! This would be me. Like if I’m walking down the street and I see a vampire, I’m probably begging him to turn me. I would totally be like OMG THIS IS WHAT I’VE BEEN WAITING FOR! TAKE ME EDWARD! 

The strange man that is angered by Jen’s scaly appearance. His name is Roan. He is Dannan (#booktitle) or fae. He is also part of the Unseen government that we have seen in Supay and Leyak. He thinks that Jen is breaking the law by showing herself to the humans. That is until he realizes she has no idea what the fuck is going on. He is able to get her away from the public eye and help her shift back. So not only has Jen changed into a dragon shifter but she also now has the help of a very sexy fairy. I’m telling you. This is the shit I dream about. Don’t lie. We are all dreaming about it. She gets the sexy stranger’s number and heads back home to decompress after a very weird and stressful day. I decide that I am really going to like Jen when she does this in the bath with a vanilla scented bath bomb. #soulsisters There is nothing I love more than the bath.. If you are a #juliaswooner then you already know this 😁

Soooo now that Jen has met the sexy Roan we are all geared up for some sexy times. Especially since he is at her apartment the next morning. Bow chicka wow wow. Much to my dismay he is not there for sexy times. No, he and a bunch of goons snatch Jen up and teleport her to a cell. What. The. Fuck. Apparently Jen has broken an Unseen law by showing herself and head of the Unseen government, Alexander, is not buying that she was oblivious to her abilities. She is locked up in a room and left for a days by herself. She is brought food and left to relieve herself in a bucket. How the fuck am I supposed to fall in love with these guys when they are doing this to my girl. I just determined we were soul sisters! This isn’t how our paranormal experience is supposed to go! She is met with disbelief until they find her connection to the Unseen world. Riley.

After discovering that Jen is hiding nothing she is moved to Alexander’s home. He fills her in on the Unseen and the danger the Leyak (shapeshifters) are presenting to the Sarkany. He moves from captor to protector and allows Jen to stay with him to stay safe. Jen has lived her life and knows that the only person she can count on is herself but the more time she spends with Alexander and Roan the more she begins to trust them. She isn’t completely ready to give up her old life but understands that she has to take precautions now that everything has changed. One thing she gets to keep from her old life is Riley. Jen’s transformation to Sarkany creates the opportunity for Jen and Riley to reconnect. Now that Jen is ‘in the know’ Riley is able to fill her in on how much her life has changed, Michael’s death, as well as her newborn twins. She also gets to see Riley’s new lifestyle with 3 men. 

Like mostly everyone Jen always thought that she would have a monogamous relationship. She hadn’t found the one yet but never thought that it would be more than one. Alexander and Roan approach Jen with the idea of being in a relationship with both of them. It isn’t unheard of in the Unseen world and as both men lead very busy lives it just makes sense. Jen is attracted to both men but isn’t totally sold on the idea. That is until she meets Doryu, a Sarkany man that Alexander brings in to teach her a bit about her people. She finds herself just as attracted to Doryu as she is to Roan and Alexander and begins exploring the idea of having a polygamous relationship. Who wouldn’t when surrounded by such sexy men?! Plus a girl has needs ya know… Why not fulfill them with these guys she has at her disposal…

I loved this book a lot. Jen is awesome. I love having a chubby main character that can think for herself and isn’t content just sitting around. Jen is thrown into the Unseen world and wants to help people that could potentially be experiencing exactly what she had. The men she has are completely swoonworthy. Like really. I just want to pull Doryu straight out of the pages and marry him. L A Boruff has such a way of writing that I am able to fall madly in love with whatever character she creates. & the sex scenes. Soooo steamy. The book ends with me beginning for more and ready to flip back to page one and restart. I swear you’ll want to too. Now come on. Swoon with me ❤

Leyak. Can a girl catch a break?!

Oh. Em. Gee. Seriously guys. Swoon. I just finished Leyak by L A Boruff, the 2nd book in her Unseen series. It was so freaking amazing. So swoony. Action packed. Wonderful goodness. Time to dive in


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We are back with Riley and the guys, Elias and Anthony, and all those kids we absolutely adore  Plus, we have a new guy we were introduced to a bit in the previous book, Supay. His name is Axoular and he is Sarkany, aka lizard/dragon people, like Riley. He’s super sweet and is always cooking as well as taking care of Riley and the kids. Riley is still reeling from having to experience her husband’s death all over again when it is revealed that his reappearance was just a shapeshifter impersonating him. To top it off, Riley is pregnant. Very pregnant. Because of this and some pregnancy complications she has been given restricted, err, physical limitations. You know, doing the dirty… What a giant freaking bummer. Especially since she has two absolutely gorgeous husbands.


Riley is also having trouble forgiving Elias now that the smoke has cleared after the adventure with the fake Michael and her discovering her Sarkany ancestry. The fact the he integrated himself into her life and became her friend when he knew about her late husband, Michael’s fate as well as where her children were being kept is a hard pill to swallow. She understands the limitations he was under but is still deeply hurt by the transgression. Realizing that she has been emotional distant from Elias she decides they should spend a weekend together to reconnect. Please just forgive him Riley! He is way too cute to be mad at! 😊

forgive me

When she approaches Elias with the suggestion of spending some time away he of course jumps on the opportunity. Cindy the witch helps them by making a portal to send Riley, Elias, and Anthony on a surprise getaway to Bali. They are on a private beach staying at a private cottage owned by the Supay. It is a super hot trip that is of course filled with some steamy scenes when Riley’s physical restrictions are lifted. Yay! She is in for a night of some hot sex and some super orgasmic bites from her vampire husbands. Yum. Axoular joins them on their getaway when Riley has a bad experience playing with fire, her fire that is 😉 She overexerts her energy levels testing out her newfound power so of course they call in the only person that can understand what is happening to her, our lovely Axo. While on the trip Axo and Riley discover their feelings for each other. Swoon. That of course Anthony and Elias are 100% okay with. Swoon. What a lucky girl!


Riley and Axo decide to take their relationship slow. Uh what? I thought this was reverse harem? Doesn’t that mean nonstop sexy times? I jest, of course fictional characters can take it slow. Not everyone is a tart. Snort. Well Riley and Axo decide to go on a date, how freaking adorable. It’s like super adorbs until OF COURSE they both get abducted. Jesus H Christ can’t we just have a moment of peace? I mean she is pregnant for god’s sake and just wants to turn her triad into a quad. CUT A GIRL A BREAK!

come on

Who would abduct them you ask? Well fake Michael, aka Peter’s father, of course. Freaking shapeshifters man, or as they are better known as the Leyak. THE NAME OF THE BOOK. Look at shit coming together all intricate and shit. Well, this fucking creep Dumadi, holds Riley and Axo hostage in a temple so that she will be forced to have her baby there. Dumadi is convinced that Riley is carrying his son Peter’s baby, which I mean she could be. There is a chance it could be Elias’s, Anthony’s, or Peter’s. He is still a psycho though… Finally after deciding enough is enough Riley bursts into flames like Faux the phoenix in Dumbledore’s office. Poof! Dumbledore out! Well, I mean Riley and Axo out. Throwing fireballs and those that try to stop her, um badass, she and Axo are able to escape Dumadi and his goons.


Since they are no longer safe with the Leyak after them Riley, the guys, and the kids have to find somewhere to hide out until after she has the baby and things calm down. The logical option is to stay to Michael’s mom’s house. Obviously. After just getting done reading the Hijinks Harem series (see my review here) and dealing with Ari’s bitch of a mother-in-law Joan, Riley’s mother-in-law is a breath of fresh air. She is super nice and welcomes them into the home with open arms, plus she buzzes off to steer suspicion away from the house. This house is freaking huge because the Supay are loaded. Man, I would be pissed if I was Riley too. If my husband and I struggled with bills and I find out he was secretly loaded. I would flip my lid. So nooooow they are safe tucked away in MIL’s house, right? WHAT COULD POSSIBLY GO WRONG?!?!?!


This book is so amazing. Riley, Elias, Anthony, and Axo are such lovable characters.I do have to 100% praise the author, L A Boruff, for being so breastfeeding supportive. When Riley gives birth, she is a nursing momma and I LOVE LOVE LOVE that. I personally breastfed my now 4-year-old until she was 2 ½. Go breastfeeders! Keep that liquid gold coming ladies! 😉


There are plenty of some really steamy scenes in this book that are totally swoon-worthy. Plus, some more twists and turns that continually keep you guessing. I never knew what was going to happen next and was constantly muttering ‘oh shit!’ to myself. I don’t want to give too much away because you need to read it yourself! Like now! Get to swooning dolls!

A Twisty Turny Journey called ‘Supay’

Okay… Who is ready to have your mind effed? L A Boruff’s book Supay has more twists than an M Night Shyamalan movie and you will LOVE every second of it!


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Riley comes home to find her family is gone without a trace. Her husband and her two boys have just disappeared along with all their belongings. She is obviously devastated and continues looking for them without any success. In the five years since she lost them she becomes this bad ass chick that kicks ass and takes names. Cue training montage. It feels like the movie Enough with J-Lo where she starts training to kick her abusive husband’s ass, except Riley is training to never have to live in fear again. She never once believed her husband left with the kids, she knows something horrible happened and she refuses to let the same happen to her.


Things begin to get weird one day when a supposed FBI agent comes to her door with a phony name and story asking to interview her again about the day her husband disappeared. Now that she is a bad ass she obviously tricks him into slipping up in his facade and pulls a gun on him. Um, talk about bad ass?! The fake FBI agent reveals himself to be a man named Anthony who knows where her family is, so she passes out. I mean I don’t blame her, talk about overwhelming.

giphy (3).gif

Well after waking up and no longer feeling safe in her home she goes to stay at her friend and trainer’s house, Elias. Who just happens to be a hunk. Riley has to avoid temptation because her family could still be alive. There’s no harm in a little cuddling though, right? The twists keep coming when Riley finds out that Elias and Anthony know each other. They don’t just know each other, they grew up together. Along with her missing husband. Talk about complicated.


Supay takes you into an amazing world of vampires that are seriously SO unlike your typical vampires. Take what you know about vampires and throw it out because this book will show you that you know nothing. Riley is opened up to this supernatural world that has literally been right outside her doorstep. All she has to do is get back her family, mix it up a little with some sexy supernatural hunks (this is REVERSE HAREM so hunks is plural!), avoid the supernatural government that wants to kill her for her knowledge, as well as learning about herself and her own connection with the supernatural. All in a days work right?!

pile it up

The twists and turns of this journey will constantly keep you guessing. You can see how much research and knowledge the author put into this book.  & I love to finally have a plus sized beauty as a MC who struggles being comfortable in her skin. The men are dreamy dreamy dreamy who love and worship her just as she is. (Cause you know, there are men that LOVE us THICK ladies too!) Take this journey of magic and unknown with Riley, I promise you won’t regret it!!!


P.S Wanna know the best part? The second book, Leyak, JUST CAME OUT. I know right?! Find it here then come back and SWOON with me ❤