Getting foxy in The Vixen’s Lead

For a long while most of my ‘reading’ was done during my over 1 hour commute to work, as well as at work, and my 1 hour commute back home. No I don’t have a magical ability to read and drive (I wish!), I was listening to audiobooks. With a young toddler and living an hour away from my work I didn’t have time to sit down with a book or my kindle. Now I find myself mostly actually reading books versus listening to them. I live in the same town I work in so no more commute, I read during breaks at work, in the bath, and every night before bed. I’ve wanted to get back into listening to audiobooks but with my newest promotion I’ve been more concentrated on training and really focusing on what I’m doing to listen. Just recently I have gotten back into listening during work and I have to stop more than I used to for phone calls or to concentrate on something but I was able to finish a really good book. Let’s get into The Vixen’s Lead by Tate James, something I believe everyone will enjoy 🙂

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I have previously read a series that Tate James wrote with C M Stunich that I LOVED, the Hijinks Harem series (find my review here!). I was very eager to start this book because of this. It just took me awhile because like I said I was listening to it off and on via Audible. When I start something as an audiobook I find it difficult to go back and forth between listening and reading, if I’m hearing the narrator do voices I just find it hard to recreate them in my head and I feel it takes away from the story. I know, I’m weird. I’m also a very fast burn kinda girl. There are a lot of medium burns I like but I really dig the fast burn. This book is not quite a fast burn but there is definitely swoon. 

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Kit Davenport goes to high school with her best friend Lucy but they are slightly different than your typical high school student. These ladies are thieves. Kit runs the jobs getting the item while Lucy is a hacker that helps shut down surveillance. They are the perfect team. With every theft Kit leaves one item, a tiny fox, as a message to her not-so-innocent victims. Running jobs at night and waking up for class every morning isn’t for the weak of heart. Kit’s upbringing wasn’t exactly nice, she dealt with a lot of horribleness before she got to where she is now.


Her life gets a little shaken up when two new guys start at her school. Caleb and Austin are both super hot and super different. Caleb is adorable, flirty, dirty, and hilarious. He makes me feel super swoony and my high school self would be putty in his hands. Austin is a complete asshole. He is arrogant, rude, condescending, and petulant. If you have read any of my past blog posts I am sure you know how I feel, I’m obviously team Austin. My love of assholes is deep and dirty (pun intended *snort*). Austin does a good job of generally pissing me off throughout the whole book though. I had myself seriously wondering if he was ever going to lay off and I was dying for a brother fight. I mean seriously Caleb, shut that shit down.

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Kit and Caleb have this adorable friendship/kind of relationship. They watch movies together, hang out, text uber adorable things, and he has a habit of just busting into her room. The both seem under the impression that they are each being friend-zoned but continue the playful flirty banter. He also calls her ‘Kitty Kat’ which is just so fucking adorable I get all swoony thinking about it. Something that threw me off about the audiobook is that there are two separate narrators. There is a female voice for Kit and the female characters and a male voice for the male characters. It kinda threw me off at the beginning and was kinda hard to get used to. I haven’t dealt with this a lot so I was a little thrown. In the last Twilight book when they switch to Jacob’s POV the narrators switch but his POV section is all the male narrator for all voices. This switching back and forth throughout the entire story was interesting and after I got used to it I really started to appreciate it. It made it flow differently but in a good way. 


Little does Kit know she is about to be had. Caleb, Austin, as well as some different men that have subtly been appearing in her life are part of a group called Omega. Caleb and Austin were placed in Kit’s high school to gather information about The Fox, aka Kit. One night while Kit is in her room some men come in, knock her out, and attempt to abduct her. Lucky for her she is being monitored by the Omega Group as they already suspect she is The Fox so they jump in and save her. Although she has been taken from one group to another she is definitely in better shape. The Omega Group are overall good guys, even though they are there to catch her, whereas this mystery group trying to take her are definitely not good guys. 


Up until have half way through I was classifying this book at a slow burn. I even messaged a friend I knew had read the series and was like ‘okay when is shit going to get hot?! I need some swoon!’. I wasn’t planning to drop out but she indicated that it was going to get hot and I would love it. She was right, as the book progressed and Kit began working with The Omega Group and living with Caleb, Cole, River, Westley, and even Austin shit starts getting pretty sexy/swoony. Her relationships start to deepen with some of the men and they have some very very hot moments. We know about Caleb and Austin and really get to know the other guys. Cole is a tough guy and they have some sexy work out moments. River is the leader and British, swoon, who doesn’t love an accent. Westley is the geeky shy type that we all love. I just want to cuddle him. & rip his shirt off. All their shirts. I want them all off 😉😏


I really enjoyed this book and cannot wait to start the next one, I’ve already used this month’s credit to get book #2! Kit is very funny and fiercely independent. Her upbringing was absolutely heartbreaking but it made her that much stronger. We also get some paranormal elements in Kit. She is able to heal quickly and can move very fast. She doesn’t know anything about her parent’s though and it seems that this mysterious group that attempted to abduct her may have something to do with her paranormal features. I really enjoyed the story and action in this book. It has a very strong plot and the story carries very well. I know, surprisingly everything can’t be about swoon. It definitely isn’t lacking in swoon but it isn’t totally romance focused. I would definitely recommend! 

Elements of Desire. Happily ever hungover?

I am experiencing a thing called ‘book hangover’. You ever speed read through a book or series because it’s SO DAMN GOOD only to find yourself heartbroken at the end because you no longer get to live in the world you love? That’s a book hangover. I just finished Elements of Desire by Tate James and CM Stunich and I am flooded with emotions. Happiness. Sadness. Excitement. Laughter. Sobbing. WHY IS IT OVER. Okay, lets swoon over this last book in the Hijinks Harem Series. Gasp. ☹

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Ari and her sexy men are back in this AMAZING third installment in the Hijinks Harem series. After ending book two I am ready to FUCK SHIT UP. Like for real. WHO THE FUCK IS GEM GEM AND HOW TO DO STAB HER?! Ugh. So we finally get to the good stuffs, Ari has gotten over her hangups and married the guys! FINALLY. Swoon. Well of course as they exit the wedding ceremony this dumb bitch shows up claiming the guys are really hers. What. The Fuck. No. No. NO! Suddenly Dusty is now my favorite because he is the only one of these fucking guys that isn’t/hasn’t been involved with Gemma. Bitch. Dusty is just so raw and rough. Arrogant. Sexy. Irish. Ahhhhh. #newfavorite


Ari finds out that Gemma Darling, ugh, is her twin sister. HOLY SHIT BALL SANDWICH BATMAN. She was also a childhood friend to our guys. Ugh. Yuck. I hate them all. Not really, but still. This blows. So who invited this cunt-o-sarus to the wedding. Joan of course. UGH! Well Ari being the bad bitch she is decides she is NOT letting these two bitches fuck with her honeymoon. GO ARI! So Ari, Dusty (aka the only non-asshat ATM), Warden (still swoon), Shane, Billy, George, and Reg head to Australia to visit Arizona’s mom for their honeymoon. Who is on the plane ride there? Gemma and Joan of course because these snatches obvi have zero boundaries and they are the devils. I would have stabbed a bitch by now. I mean in a supernatural world it wouldn’t be too hard to just stab a bitch. But Ari is nicer than me, obvi.


After Ari and Dusty join the mile-high club, #swooningoversomehotairplanesex, and enjoy some first class commodities they land in Aussie country.  I love Australia, LOVE IT. There is this show I got OBSESSED with on Netflix called McLeod’s Daughters about these badass sisters that run a ranch in Australia. So begins my Australian obsession, can we say Nick and Alex Ryan anyone?! Swoon. Anyway since guaranteed I’ve lost all of you. OH WAIT. Another Australian TV show I LOVE is called Satisfaction and it’s about an Australian brothel. It is HOT.

nick and alex satisfaction.gif

Okay, everyone. Come back to me now. We are in Australia and of course Joan and Gemma fucking Darling have followed them because they are freaking creepy. We get to meet Ari’s, mom who is kinda a freak, plus her man-child boyfriend. A pot smoking freak that hates Trump so at least she has that going for her. We have some smoking hot scenes in Australia and then GEMMA FUCKING DARLING uses some kinda Tuesday magic and a spirit stone to steal the guys. Ugh. I can’t. WHY ALL THE CONFLICT TATE JAMES AND CM STUNICH?! I mean I understand, but still. Please just stop it. ***Sobbing***


Well we get back to America unbounded and pissed. Gemma is like a bad STD that we can’t get rid of. No cream is getting her off our junk. We also find out that Gemma has a HUGE thing for Siobhan. Yes we are still talking about this bitch. PLUS, CUM has taken Brit and Siobhan hostage. UGH. Ari and the guys are going to have to team up with COCS, The Unseelie, the wolf packs, and a host of other characters to take out her and Gemma’s bio parents, CUM, and the Seelie queen. Shit is about to get hard. *snort*


This book wraps up the series really nicely. I love love loved it. CM Stunich and Tate James are freaking word sorcerers that have the ultimate power of making super hot steamy scenes. Like really, they need to narrate my sex life or at least dictate it. Something. HA! We get a lot of sexy time in this book plus some M-M action. Swoon. At the end of the book I feel satisfied. Everything is good. I will miss all these characters dearly of course because they have somehow become my men. Especially Warden. & Dusty. & especially Billy, hawt. Of course, Reg and Shane. Swoon. & my sweet earth elemental George. Bahhhh I love them all. #WhyChoose


Elements of Ruin. I’m in love with Warden. Swoon.

Dolls. Swooners. Thank you for joining me. We have today Elements of Ruin by Tate James and CM Stunich. 

elements of ruin

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WHYYYYYY?!?!?!?! Ugh. Okay, okay. Let me try to pull myself together… Whew! Elements of Ruin. Tate James. CM Stunich. This is fast becoming one of my ALL-TIME favorite series. For real. Arizona is my soul sister. I love her. I LOVE HER OKAY?!?! Let’s get into this.

what is happening

The battle between the bio parents and our heroes is over. For now. Everyone is trying to pull themselves together — & shove a bone back into their body if you are George, ew. Not even the good kinda bone, but I digress. Warden who is the love of my freaking life, wait sorry I mean Arizona’s life, has disappeared again. COME ON! Plus, one of Ari’s besties is with them, Siobhan, who is a freaking succubus?! Supernaturals are everywhere. I need to examine the people in my life a bit… There must be some shit happening. I can’t be living a COMPLETELY normal life…. COME BACK WARDEN.

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So we have met Ari’s five guys. I know, freaking five guys…. How fair is that?! Well listen to this fucking shit. There is a sixth guy. A FREAKING SIXTH GUY. So, we got… Billy, our sexy as sin fire Elemental. Shane, our freaking gorgeous southern air Elemental. Reg, our super-hot pervy water Elemental. George, our freaking swoony sweet earth Elemental. THEN. Whew. This is taking a while. Okay, so also there is Warden. Ohhhh Warden. We haven’t gotten to get to know Warden much because he has been MIA. We find out in the last book that he is, gasp, Max. Ari’s long-lost love. Swoon. Serious swoon. I. Can’t. Stop. Swooning. Over. Here.  So Warden is kinda a jerk. But I mean kinda not. She broke his heart man! Give him a break. Gosh, I want him. I love his sweetness. & his weird form of cursing. Soul mates.

i love him.gif

Buuuuut now we have a sixth?! Whaaaaaaaa? Yes, so Warden. Swoon. He is a bit bi-curious. Swoon. So, not only has he had a thing with Billy. Swoon. But he had a thing with a metal Elemental. Dustin. Dusty. Swoon. I swear I’ll stop. Dusty is Irish. Swoon. BAHHHH Okay. Sorry. So Dusty is Irish and has been taken by CUM. We don’t have time to wait for COCS to save Dusty from CUM so we gotta get in and get out before CUM is everywhere. Snort. Siobhan, the succubus, sneaks Ari and our boys into a sex party to save Dusty for the sex crazed succubi and inccubi. After a SUPER hot scene between Ari, Billy, and Warden. Swoon. We find Dusty chained by the next surrounded by sex crazed freaks bidding on him. So how do we save him? Morph into a sex crazed freak, obvi. Dusty is rude, aggressive, an absolute asshole. But of course, he is so freaking HOTT. Duh. PLUS, IRISH. I LOVE IRISH MEN! Mo Chroi – that means my heart in Gaelic. Swoon. That will be tattooed on my body soon.

giphy (13).gif

Soooo this book is obviously amazing. If you aren’t getting it, you need to re-read the above. COME ON. We have sexy assed men. Attacks from bio-parents. Attacks from CUM. I mean it’s everywhere. Will COCS help out? Will Ari punch Joan in her stupid freaking face? WHAT WILL HAPPEN?! I mean obviously you’ll fall in love with Warden. But don’t cuz he is mine. But go, read the book. It is really amazing. I finished the book in the tub and literally yelled WHAT THE FUCK. Come on, just swoon with me ♡ 😉


Elements of Mischief, Sexy Plumbers & Hilarious Puns

If you haven’t figured it out already I love Reverse Harem books. If you don’t then you just don’t understand the appeal yet. Don’t worry, you’ll get there. I have found a HILARIOUS Reverse Harem series that I am SO glad I jumped into. Elements of Mischief, of the Hijinks Harem series, is fast becoming one of my favorites. Written by two phenomenal writers, C.M. Stunich & Tate James, it’s obvious that the book could be nothing but amazing.

Elements of Mischief

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Have you ever had to hire a plumber to come fix your pipes only to witness them turning into dragon-like elementals thus turning you into a shimmer and forcing you into the world of supernatural? No? Well me neither, but it sure does sound like a fun time! Arizona Smoke (talk about a hot name!) inherits her dead grandma’s house and a $17,000 plumbing fix. Yoowza. Sounds like gram is kinda a bitch, well she is but we’ll get to that. After being referred to a group of plumbers than can clean her pipes on a payment plan Ari meets 4 smoking hot plumbers. Sounds like an oxymoron, ammirite?

sex plumber.gif

Shane, Billy, George, and Reg have come to assist Arizona with her pipes and luckily, they’ve brought their own plungers. Ha! Talk about punny. I hope you love puns as much as I do because this book is FULL of them. I seriously loved all the plumbing cracks (pun was NOT intended but I’m running with it 😉) throughout the book. I was constantly chuckling, and I know you will be too. This book is hilarious, SUPER sexy, and set with just the right amount of action/conflict. Arizona is a woman after my own heart. She isn’t your typical virgin-like character who is pretty tame before being thrown into the life of a polyamorous relationship. I mean Arizona has a piercing on her woo-ha… Talk about edgy! Plus she is a drinker. Ahhhh someone that loves to drink as much as me. Since having my little one I don’t really drink so I will just live vicariously through Arizona Smoke.


Usually in books the MC always has a best friend that I honestly forget about because I’m just like get to the business.. You know.. The love. Don’t be a perv. Ari has a pretty awesome BFF though, who just happens to be a wolf shifter. Britt not only is a drinker, but is also a constantly cursing promiscuous ball of fun. What. A. Good. Time. Ari’s men are also balls of fun themselves. They are dark, dangerous, and outrageously sexy. Tattooed. Ahhh there is just something about a tattooed man that makes a girl swoon.


Well let’s get back to Gram. This bitch. I mean we all wish we had a snooty British grandma coming back as a ghost to judge us in a British accent for our drinking, cursing, and promiscuousness, right? Right. Ari’s Gram does all of this and does a lot of twat blocking as well. What a bitch. Don’t interrupt our sexy scenes! 

dont interrupt.gif

Ari finds out that not only has she become an Elemental dragon shifter herself through some magical rune making orgy sex, but her gram? Yeah, she’s a witch. Say what?! It seems like Ari’s previously normal life was anything but normal and the shots just keep on coming – I think this book has rubbed off on me because I’m becoming awfully punny 😉. Other characters in her life are also supernatural and they continue to reveal themselves… I.e. the cuntmuffin — Yeah, you are gonna have to read to find out more about that one!! 


This book will keep you laughing at the plumbing humor, drooling over the SEXY Elemental men, and glued to your seat during the outrageously hot sex scenes. The two authors of this book are extraordinarily talented, and I will be seeking out more of their books. What I look for in books is the swoon. They definitely have the swoon-factor on lock.  

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