Feral Sins is the sexy shifter romance you’ve been looking for

Do you love shifters?! Do you love badass main characters? What about sexy brooding men that you can’t help but fall in love with?! Yes?! Damn right yes, what else are you doing here really? Let me take you through Feral Sins by Suzanne Wright, the first of many books in The Phoenix Pack Series.

Feral Sins

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Let me start by saying that Suzanna Wright knows how to write sexy males, sarcastic badass women that say fuck a lot, and some truly steamy sex scenes that will make even the raunchiest girl blush. In the most tasteful way of course. Snort. This first book is about Taryn, a short little burst of energy that takes no shit from anyone. Her father is the alpha of her pack and a complete asshat. So much of an asshat that he is forcing her to be claimed by another asshat, Roscoe. Also, she’s latent which is something that you absolutely do not want to be as a shifter. Being latent means that she can’t shift. She can feel her very alpha wolf but can’t shift, making her a huge disappointment to her father. Her only redeeming quality in her father’s eye is that she is a really talented healer. Plus being a woman, he is able to mate her off to an alpha in another pack to help in forming alliances. What a swell dad…


The book starts with Taryn waking up in a very strange place, that smells amazing. She doesn’t recall getting drunk last night or going home with anyone. Her memory is just black. She is pissed, woozy, confused, and has absolutely no idea where she is. Finally, able to get out of her deliciously smelling room-prison, she realizes she has been abducted. Greeeeat. Another wolf pack has taken her and presented her with a proposition. A very interesting propostion.

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Trey Coleman, a completely psycho wolf with a horrible reputation for challenging and killing the last alpha of his pack. It just so happened that the last alpha of his pack was his father, and Trey was only 14. Of course, Trey Coleman is completely fucking hot. The complete bad boy that is dark and brooding. He is also, of course, the owner of the amazing smell that Taryn woke up to. The attraction between them both is immediate and so freaking sexy. Literally they greet each other with hunger in their eyes, even though Taryn is still suuuuper pissed about being taken against her will to his pack territory. Trey on the other hand is very surprised at how brave Taryn is. & how incredibly turned on she makes him. He is also surprised of how protective he is of this little wolf that he just met. Even though her current predicament of being abducted was by his instruction.


Trey has a proposition for her, one that can help them both in many ways. Trey’s pack is being challenged by his old pack, his uncle who took over the pack claims he just wants to reunite the packs. Bring families back together. But what he really wants is to take Trey down. Trey, not one to back down, knows this will turn into a fight. One that even the shifter council can’t stop. He brings a plan to Taryn, that they fake a claiming in a public place. They claim that they are each other’s true mates and deny that their actual true mates were really their true mates, both of which are deceased. If Taryn and Trey claim each other, Taryn gets out of mating with the asshole Roscoe and Trey’s pack gets an alliance that can help him in the upcoming fight against his old pack. She hates the thought of denying that Joey, her deceased childhood friend, was her true mate when she knows that he was.

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She is oh so tempted by Trey’s offer to release her from her fucked up arrangement with Roscoe but is still very skeptical. Her wolf on the other had is all for the arrangement. Upon waking up covered in his scent, of course she was thrown in his bed to sleep in after being abducted, Taryn’s wolf is convinced that Trey is hers. Trey’s wolf is in complete agreement and is ready to claim this sarcastic little spitfire of a wolf. After some thought and realization of how fucked her situation is and that she literally has no other way to escape Roscoe she agrees. They make the plan to meet at her typical Friday night shifter bar and let the public claiming commence.


Trey and Taryn’s claiming may be staged but their wolves see it as very real. They do act like mates in some ways, especially physically. Trey and Taryn start having a lot of sex. Steamy, hot, aggressive, freaking unbelievably sexy sex. For the sake of their wolves of course. Can they keep their claiming to just the arrangement and some freaking amazing sex? Will they be able to go their separate ways after the battle with Trey’s uncle and former pack?


I really really really enjoyed this book. So far it is the first of seven books in the series. Suzanne Wright continues to write amazing books in both this Phoenix Pack series and an accompanying series, The Mercury Pack. Each book is about a different wolf in the pack and a pack that they ally with in the future, The Mercury Pack. All the men are just so freaking adorably sexy, hilarious, and come with their own baggage. The woman are little badasses that don’t need men to protect them. They are sarcastic, witty, hilarious, and curse almost as much as I do. The sex scenes are amazing. This author definitely knows how to write good hot sex scenes. My favorite part is that the books is written in both the male and female main character’s point of views. It isn’t first person so the individual point of views aren’t written per chapter as most books are, but inclusively throughout the whole book. I really like the author’s writing style, all the characters, and different stories in these series. I definitely recommend! Are you ready to swoon with me?! ❤