Swooning over Death of Gods. Yum.

Life of a reader can be difficult sometimes, especially for those prone to really falling in love with a book, series, characters, etc. My husband is able to just hop from book to book. I like to call him a book whore. I, on the other hand, get into long term relationships with books. I find an AMAZING book that just happens to be a series, SCORE! I read the first, read the second, and I’m like nom nom nom GIVE ME MORE! Only to find… Oh god… NO…. Book three isn’t out yet?!?!?! NOOOOOOOOO!!!!


This is exactly what I experienced with the Vampire Crown series by Scarlett Dawn and Katherine Rhodes. I sped through the first and I was SUUUUPER intrigued by Gwen and mildly interested in Kimber (see my review of book one, Queen of Gods, here). Immediately jumped right into the second book, King of Gods. This is where I fell in love with Kimber! Seriously. I still need to write a review of that one because I seriously love love loved it! Swoon. Buuuut I finished book two and was like, okay now let’s get into book three! I’M READY! Wait. Where is book three?! PRE-ORDER?! WHAT IS THE MEANING OF THIS?! OH. THE. HUMANITY.

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So now I’ve finished book three, Death of Gods, and it was FUCKING amazing. So good. Like seriously. COME ON BOOK FOUR! Let’s start with the title of this book. Death of Gods?! WHO IS GOING TO DIE?! What?! WHY IS IT CALLED DEATH OF GODS WITH BEL ON THE COVER?! Do I even want to read this?! Yes, yes you do. *Spoiler, Bel doesn’t die* I feel like all the Bel lovers just audibly sighed. Rest easy. Our sexy vamp is still kicking. Swoon.

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We ended book two and Kimber has bought down the mountain. Score! Finally, time for our worlds to connect. Maybe? I’m not sure. Reading through books 1 and 2 I still didn’t understand how the worlds connected. Is Kimber in the past and Gwen the present? Is it happening at the same time? Is Kimber in the future?! I DON’T KNOW BUT I’M STILL INTRIGUED! Well the answer we were all waiting for is answer at the end of this book. I love it. AGAIN, I CAN’T WAIT FOR BOOK FOUR! So, like I said the mountain is S’Kir falls. It’s time for the druids and vampires to reunite! Sweet reunions are in their futures, right?! Wrong. Kimber immediately gets shot in the leg by a vampire. But literally none of the druids know what a gun is. They call it a hand cannon and I almost die. Hand cannon. Snort. Kimber is trying to recover from her gun shot wound surrounded by her three very sexy men. Swoon.


After recovering from her gun shot wound her men start doing that stupid protective thing where they don’t tell the MC what is happening around her. They try to coddle and baby her. Annoying. Kimber being the badass woman she is sees right through this.

‘I am Mistress Kimber Raven of the Temple of the Lost God. I am the Breaker of the Spine. I am the Healer of S’Kir. I am not a simple woman. I am not a fool, nor stupid or ignorant. If you wish to continue to bed me, you will not hide your concerns about me or about anyone else who shares that space. If I cannot trust you three, I cannot trust anyone. Am I understood?’

Well damn. You tell ‘em girl! 😊 When she eventually forgives them, and they stop acting like asses there are some suuuuuper steamy scenes. Especially one with the 4 of them and we find out a secret sexual weapon to use against Dorian. Plus, their super steamy sexy time gives them a HUGE magical boost. Freaking druids, they obviously have all the luck 😉

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During a decoy raiding party, Kimber and her group that includes Roran is taken by the vampires straight to the vampire king. Shit. So the king, Savion, is a freaking nutcase. Like literally psychotic. He murders someone in their party to get Kimber to reveal herself as the Breaker and lets the rest go. Thank god. If Roran died I would have been sobbing. For days. Whew. Kimber has to use her wit along with the help of some unlikely friends to escape the crazy king’s clutches. She has some ‘holy shit’ moments when she finds out some interesting things about her parents as well as her heritage. Can she escape and get back to her men?! Will they all survive the war between vampires and druids?!

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Now let’s go over Gwen. Oh Gwen, how I love you and your badassery. Kimber is a badass in a more inventive/subtle way whereas Gwen is more in your face I’m a fucking vampire and I’ll rip our head off kinda badass. Gwen is queen and Niallan is king. They’ve just faced an attack from humans making the overlords, queen, and king have to evaluate their safety and the safety of their people. Plus Gwen and Bel are still trying to get the Original Druid Amulet from Niallan. Shit is about to go down. In more ways than one.


I seriously love the relationship building in this book. Lord Belshazzar was this scary overlord in the first book that I have really grown to love. He is up there in #1 fictional boyfriends. He is so hot. So raw. So strong. Swoon. He has grown SUPER attached to Gwen. Like enough to scare her as she is the type to usually run when shit gets real. He is the alpha in their relationship and she does not know how to deal. It’s completely obvious he is in love with her and she is in love him. It’s so obvious. I’m in love with them both. I don’t want to steal how many super freaking cute an amazing moments there are from you so I will let you read them. They are sooooo swoonworthy though ❤ We also get to see Gwen and her father’s relationship grow. He is also someone I saw as a complete asshole. He’s growing on me though and he is definitely growing on Gwen. They have some super cute father-daughter moments that are far from typical father-daughter moments but still super adorbs.

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I haven’t spent much time on Gwen but it’s honestly because I don’t want to spoil anything. I want the ‘holy fucking shit ball sandwich’ moments I had for you to have to. Because seriously, there are some moments where I was just like OMG WHAT IS HAPPENING OMG WHY ARE WE SWITCHING BACK TO KIMBER WHAT ABOUT GWEN?! As well as vice-versa moments with Kimber. This book series is so amazing. I feel like the people that drop out on book one just needed to hang in there. This is an amazing world to jump into and book one did a HUGE amount of world building. Since book one did such a good job at world building we don’t spend as much time in it on book two and three. I can’t believe more people aren’t talking about this series because it is seriously becoming one of my all-time favorites. I’m serious. YOU NEED TO READ THE BOOKS.  Do it! RIGHT NOW!

Swoon with me, won’t you?!

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Vampire Politics and a Magical Mountain… Queen of Gods

Time to swoon over Queen of Gods by Scarlett Dawn & Katherine Rhodes!! I just love this series so far — book 3 comes out August 14th!! PLUS, can we talk about how freaking gorgeous the cover is?! Ahhhh 😍 

queen of gods

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This book goes through two POVs, so we have two separate MCs.

First, we have Gwynnore who is a vampire that has awoken from her rest for the last two hundred years. She is greeted by her friend Adelie in her crypt in Morocco, ready to feed and deal with the pull she is feeling. She has awoken from her slumber early because the Overlords have summoned her as a candidate for Queen Novitiate. The candidate to complete the five trials will become Queen Novitiate or Queen of the vampires. Her besite Adelie brings her a whole slew of humans to feast on so she can take their blood and their memories. How else is a vampire to get the updated slang?!

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The overlords are surprisingly some of my new favorite people… err vampires. No sparkles here for the overlords and they are definitely not eating mountain lions (sorry Twilight, you still hold a special place in my heart). Lord Belshazzar (dear lord what a name), Lord Xenon, Lord Cato, Lord Otto, and Lord Pippin make up the truly terrifying, hilarious, and sometimes annoying group of overlords that hold the candidacy for Queen Navitiate. Lord Cato is Gwen’s father, a true dick that hasn’t been a big part of Gwen’s almost one thousand years of life. Lord Pippin, Gwen’s last love and a man who chose the crown over her. Lord Belshazzar is just a swoonfest, an absolute swoonfest. We don’t know why yet, but the swooning will come. The others are funny in their own right and bring their own essence to the story. Especially when they test Gwen’s patience 🙂 I kept picturing as the Volturi from Twilight then as a host of completely gorgeous gods of men. I’m still not completely sure of what they look like in my head. All I know is that Lord Belshazzar and Lord Pippin are HOT


Gwen is truly my favorite character in this book. She is a kickass biatch that gets in trouble for her mouth and sassy attitude. She is also the type to kick ass first and ask questions later. Qualities that may drive the overlords crazy but make her the perfect candidate for Queen. The trials are dark and truly push Gwen to her limits. One moment it seems she is being hazed and the next she is having to do the unthinkable. Her story was hilarious, SEXY as hell, and completely heartbreaking at times.

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Our second MC is a druid named Kimber. Druids are magical people that live in S’Kir protected from the vampires by a large magical mountain raised centuries ago – I know, I know. I feel silly typing the words ‘large magical mountain’ but the mountain has magic! This was at times difficult for me to grasp. It is strange that I can completely get behind vampires, shifters, and Harry Potter but a magical mountain. I just don’t know. Maybe if there were Hobbits climbing up it, just maybe.


Kimber is a teacher as well as an acolyte at the temple where her people worship the Lost God. Her story has a very Jane Austin ‘Pride and Prejudice’ feel in terms of the way they speak and act. Being through her point of view we see S’Kir as this very peaceful place where the temple masters are respected, and everyone accepts the beliefs. As the story progresses and the people of S’Kir learn of Kimber’s ability to speak with the mountains magic we see just how naïve her beliefs are.  


This book is classified as Reverse Harem, I spent a lot of time waiting for the reverse harem to happen. Where are all the men?! Gwen has some fun times with two different guys so for all intents and purposes the fact that it is seen as ‘okay’ could be deemed reverse harem. But not reaally.  So for all of you hard-core reverse harem fans (i.e. me) I want to warn you that this book is not Reverse Harem. WAIT. Don’t leave me yet, because I have read the 2nd book in this series as well. THAT book is Reverse Harem. There is also a third book that will be released this month (yay!). So you just gotta hold on, I promise you it is WORTH the ride. Plus, it’s a really good ride 😉 PERFECT SEGWAY TO THE SWOONING.

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As we have two MCs there are plenty of opportunities to swoon. Gwen as I mentioned before is forced into very close proximity to her previous lover Lord Pippin. There is also Lord Belshazzar. Oh. Em. Gee. Lord Belshazzar is such a dark character that is a complete asshole. Also a complete dream boat. What can I say? I have a thing for bad boys, sue me. Plus when he tells her to call him Bel… Gahhhhh. I. Just. Can’t. Even. ❤ There is also the candidate for King Novitiate. We don’t get a huge amount of information about him in this book (the 2nd book is more focused on him). But we know him as the Original Druid that Gwen used to crush on when she was a teen. We all have that guy. We can only hope that we are as badass and as sexy as Gwen when we are reintroduced to our childhood crush. FAT chance, ammirite?

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When Kimber discovers the magic within the mountain speaking to her she is with a friend of her, Elex. Wrapped up in the magic of the moment – pun intended – they share such a swoony moment. Elex and Kimber are just so absolutely adorable together while still having the hot steaminess of Gwen and Lord Belshazzar. I feel like you can get two completely different types of love in romance books. There is the hot and heavy love full of steamy scenes and just complete electricity. Then, there is the love that is just so dreamy and just makes you feel all gooey inside. Think on one side Rachel and Paolo and then on the other Rachel and Ross. Both two very awesome types of loves but very different. This book lets you experience BOTH. #swoon

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I truly love this book and enjoyed it so much. I had difficulty with Gwen being my absolute favorite character throughout the whole book and struggled finding the same love for Kimber. I finished the book so excited to start the next and loved that one EVEN MORE. I think that having to explain two completely different worlds makes the first one sometimes a struggle as there are so many characters and moving pieces to each story. I feel like the majority of people reading through the Queen of Gods will end like me absolutely loving it. For those DNF (did not finish) readers I ask you to finish the book. Try again. You will not regret it ❤ 

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