Julia Swoons for Thanksgiving!

Hello everyone! Happy Thanksgiving! What are all your plans for today? Lots of food I hope 😊 I love Thanksgiving. Growing up it was always a time I got to spend with my family and eat TONS of good food. I especially enjoyed being able to spend the time with my twin cousins who have been my best friends since birth. We always got into a ton of shenanigans and made memories than made my childhood amazing ❤

Second best thing about Thanksgiving?! 4 day weekend. Sadly, I won’t be able to spend my WHOLE break reading and videogaming. Part of it will be spent with family both my husband’s and mine, and the other part will be spent reading my dreaded blue book… Yes, Julia Swoons doesn’t get to spend all her time swooning over fictional men. Julia Swoons has a full time job (that she actually loves even if it isn’t swoony 😉). Julia Swoons works in insurance. Dun dun dun. I swear I’m not evil. I am a Renewal Underwriter at an insurance company in Central Illinois. Part of my job is continuing my insurance education which means taking a few tests a year and getting insurance designations. It keeps up educated and in the know. Luckily I love to read, just not necessarily about insurance 😉

My test is coming up on December 10th so I am trying to read this blue giant so that I can pass the test. It’s exhausting and picking it up makes me fall asleep almost immediately. I love my job but lemme tell you reading about insurance isn’t the same as reading about Thess and her sexy men *drools over Jax*. But I will push through it and hopefully pass my test. BUUUUUT this means that I won’t be doing as much fun reading or blogging for the next couple weeks 😢 I am going to try to pull myself away and get some posts done but I can’t make any promises. Just know that Julia is still swooning… just about other things… .

Back to Thanksgiving because I promise you I will be doing no insurance reading today. It’s a freaking holiday, leave me alone…. #chronicprocrastinator. Today I will be going to my husband’s family to celebrate this turkeyest of holidays. Then tonight my husband and I are going to see Fantastic Beasts because my sister-in-law is amazing and has agreed to take our daughter 😁 I’m so excited!!!! 

Well I better start getting ready to leave… Can’t go to the fam-in-laws in my pajamas even though my Hogwarts pajama pants are totally awesome.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! 😊

I hope you all have a day filled with turkey, pie, and family. In that order 😉

It’s time… I’m heading #backtohogwarts

hogwarts express.gif

ALL ABOARD!! Toot toot!! Except like a train horn, more of a waaaaah waaaaaaahhh. A nice manly train noise. DO YOU KNOW WHAT DAY IT IS?! It’s September 1st and that means it’s time for us all to gather our trunks and our owls to prepare for another year at Hogwarts. If you are looking for me, I’ll be at platform 9 ¾ waiting for the Hogwarts express to take me back to my one true home. My favorite place. Hogwarts. 


Every year on September 1st I started re-reading or re-listening to all the Harry Potter books. It really gets me in the Fall spirit. Give me Harry and give me a PSL (pumpkin spice latte!) and all is content in the world. Really. What more do we need than Harry Potter and coffee. The answer is nothing. Since September 1st falls on a Saturday this year I won’t be starting my HP ritual until Monday. It’s good to start things on Mondays. So, this coming Monday I will be going back to Hogwarts. My literal favorite place. & of course, I will be listening to the Stephen Fry version and we’ll be searching for the Philosopher’s Stone, because I don’t settle for second best.

hogwarts letter

A lot of you have probably figured out by now that I have a HUGE obsession with Harry Potter. I get tagged on Facebook all the time about Harry Potter stuff, my desk at work is COVERED in Harry Potter stuff, I have a Harry Potter tattoo, my wallet is a Harry Potter letter from Hogwarts, I’M LITERALLY WEARING A GYFFINDOR QUIDDITCH SHIRT AS I TYPE THIS. That’s how Harry Potter I am. My coffee mug that I drink out of in the mornings says, ‘Don’t let the muggles get you down’. My cat is named Albus. I have the deathly hallows mark on my car. I’m wearing an owl necklace with a tiny envelope which holds a tiny letter to Hogwarts. I DON’T FUCK AROUND WITH MY FANDOM. If my husband wasn’t so stubborn my daughter’s name would be Hermione. I literally cried when Alan Rickman died. Not just Snape the character, the literal actor. Not even kidding. Harry Potter is the shit. I’m never going to stop loving this. Ever.


Who else will be joining me today (or Monday) in re-reading Harry Potter? I do this every year. It’s one of my favorite things. Especially book 3, The Prisoner of Azkaban, and book 6, The Half-Blood Prince. Those are my favorites. My favorite places, besides Hogwarts of course, are the Burrow and 12 Grimmauld Place.


My least favorite book has to be Order of the Phoenix. Harry is just so freaking whiney in that one plus the bitch Dolores Umbridge… ugh. I hate that bitch. I understand why Harry is so whiney but he wastes all his precious time with Sirius being a whiney bitch. Buck up Harry. You wanted to be in the wizarding world and you are doing it. Stop being a wet blanket.


Man just seeing this bitches face gets me fired up….

I hope you are all partaking in #BacktoHogwarts and always remember, Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times if one only remembers to turn on the light ❤ #hpswoon

dumbledore darkest.gif

Who is Julia Swoons?

Hey dolls! Happy freaking Friday ya’ll ❤


I feel like I have been blogging away but haven’t really gotten into me. I mean who the heck is Julia and why is she swooning so much?! Well I am 26 and an Assistant Underwriter at an insurance company in Illinois.  I feel like I have been ‘boy-crazy’ from the start of my life. I remember my first crushes as Ashton Kutcher on That 70s Show, Joey Tribbiani on Friends, and Ringo Starr’s cartoon character on The Yellow Submarine. I just absolutely love love. My favorite movies? My favorite TV shows? My favorite books? THEY ALL HAVE LOVE IN COMMON.

What else do I love? Books. Especially romance books! I have read quite a few YA books and love a lot of them, but I always felt like they were lacking in the love department. So where did I turn? Romance books. You heard me. Smut. Lady porn. Call it what you will, I love it. (I’m obviously getting paid every time I use the word LOVE 😊). Discovering the Reverse Harem genre was also HUGE for me, because I mean.. #WhyChoose. Plus I can share my love for my smutty books with my momma which is always fun 😉

porn.gif shame.gif

I am a super lucky lady to have an amazing husband that also shares my love of books. Not the same books, no lady porn for Mr. Kyle Swoons. Sharing a love of books is an awesome thing in our relationship because we get to spend a lot of time reading together. Not over each other’s shoulders or anything, just reading by ourselves silently in the same room. I also have a kid. Little Charlotte Swoon if you will 😉 She too loves to read, even though she hasn’t learned how yet. She tells a really cool story through the pictures though!

Besides my obsession of love, swooning, and all things romance I am also obsessed with Harry Potter. I mean who isn’t?! I even have my own Harry Potter tattoo. Also, a cat named Albus Dumbledore. My daughter is lucky her name isn’t Hermione. I read the books over and over. I listen to the books over and over – strictly the British version though, I love me some Stephen Fry. If you say that Jim Dale is better, you better get outta here. I’m just kidding, please don’t leave!!! 😊 I’m sure we can overcome this, just go listen to all the books read by Stephen Fry and we can figure out who is correct. (Spoiler, it’s me).

20180504_193448.jpg   hp.gif

Okay maybe I got sidetracked a bit by Harry Potter. Meet me in real life and it’ll happen a lot. So, like I said I have a little, her name is Charlotte and she is ALMOST 4. Makes me sad how quickly she is growing up. She better like Harry Potter. HA! Besides my cat who is a jerk named Albus Dumbledore (right), nothing like his namesake this cat, I also have an almost 10-year-old cat name Baby Kitty (left) who is terrified of her own shadow. This cat truly disliked me for the first 5 years of her life. Cats are douches. They can sometimes be cool though. Sometimes. 

Well I have been rattling on about myself enough! I have lots of books to read, so I can review em, that’s why you come here right?! I am happy to answer questions, argue with you about Stephen Fry and Jim Dale, or just generally talk about nonsense. 


Julia ❤