Super stoked to be supernatural. Dannan.

My biggest goal for myself right now is to just go through my current TBR list and read those books. Goal seems like too strong a word. Like if I succeed I’m accomplishing something great when all I’m doing is showing minor restraint that most people have. I have a problem where I continually buy new books (a ‘problem’ I’m not planning to stop) or I skim through Kindle Unlimited and/or Audible Romance Package looking for my next read/listen when I have a TON of books that I’ve already bought, borrowed, or won. I mean a TON. I know they all won’t be amazing but I have A LOT that I know will be. This is one. I knew it’d be good. I’ve read the first two books in the series already and loved them. I think I mostly didn’t want to start because I knew once I did it’d be over. Well I started and it’s over. Now back to stalking her Facebook page for the next book in the series… 

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If you are like me you finished Supay and Leyak and you were ready for some more adventures and sexy times with Riley. Then you see book #3 and you are like who the eff is Jen?! Roan?! Alexander?! WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE?! I WANT RILEY! I WANT ELIAS! I WANT ANTHONY! I WANT AXO! I don’t know why. I always do this.. I have read several series where they switch up characters between books and I always love it. I start off thinking I don’t get a crap about them and end in loving them. No difference here. I don’t know why I continue to surprise myself with this shit. Plus it’s L A Boruff so I knew it’d be good.

Well Jen is Riley’s cousin, see the connection… Riley isn’t gone 😊 Jen is also completely human. Or so she thinks.*Insert evil laugh* When Riley went into the portal to the land of the Sarkany she set something into action. Apparently when she did this it activated the Sarkany gene in Jen and potentially other members of Riley’s family. Jen is walking down the courthouse steps when her life changed forever. How awesome to have such an earth shattering moment. I can only imagine mine would be so much duller since I’m not a fictional character. Julia was sitting in her recliner eating cheesecake when her life changed forever. Doesn’t quite have the same ring to it. Well Jen’s walk turns into a fall and right before she hits the ground… she doesn’t. She is frozen mid-air and has sprouted purple scales and wings. 

Unlike a lot of stories where something like this happens to the main character she isn’t completely terrified. At first she is very skeptical. She just thinks that some crowd magician has tricked her. That this is all a stunt. Then after she is approached by a strange man who is angered by her scaly appearance she realizes this isn’t a stunt. Something about her has changed and she has no control of it. Sure she is freaked out that she can’t change herself back but overall she is pretty stoked. She has become a supernatural creature just like from her books! This would be me. Like if I’m walking down the street and I see a vampire, I’m probably begging him to turn me. I would totally be like OMG THIS IS WHAT I’VE BEEN WAITING FOR! TAKE ME EDWARD! 

The strange man that is angered by Jen’s scaly appearance. His name is Roan. He is Dannan (#booktitle) or fae. He is also part of the Unseen government that we have seen in Supay and Leyak. He thinks that Jen is breaking the law by showing herself to the humans. That is until he realizes she has no idea what the fuck is going on. He is able to get her away from the public eye and help her shift back. So not only has Jen changed into a dragon shifter but she also now has the help of a very sexy fairy. I’m telling you. This is the shit I dream about. Don’t lie. We are all dreaming about it. She gets the sexy stranger’s number and heads back home to decompress after a very weird and stressful day. I decide that I am really going to like Jen when she does this in the bath with a vanilla scented bath bomb. #soulsisters There is nothing I love more than the bath.. If you are a #juliaswooner then you already know this 😁

Soooo now that Jen has met the sexy Roan we are all geared up for some sexy times. Especially since he is at her apartment the next morning. Bow chicka wow wow. Much to my dismay he is not there for sexy times. No, he and a bunch of goons snatch Jen up and teleport her to a cell. What. The. Fuck. Apparently Jen has broken an Unseen law by showing herself and head of the Unseen government, Alexander, is not buying that she was oblivious to her abilities. She is locked up in a room and left for a days by herself. She is brought food and left to relieve herself in a bucket. How the fuck am I supposed to fall in love with these guys when they are doing this to my girl. I just determined we were soul sisters! This isn’t how our paranormal experience is supposed to go! She is met with disbelief until they find her connection to the Unseen world. Riley.

After discovering that Jen is hiding nothing she is moved to Alexander’s home. He fills her in on the Unseen and the danger the Leyak (shapeshifters) are presenting to the Sarkany. He moves from captor to protector and allows Jen to stay with him to stay safe. Jen has lived her life and knows that the only person she can count on is herself but the more time she spends with Alexander and Roan the more she begins to trust them. She isn’t completely ready to give up her old life but understands that she has to take precautions now that everything has changed. One thing she gets to keep from her old life is Riley. Jen’s transformation to Sarkany creates the opportunity for Jen and Riley to reconnect. Now that Jen is ‘in the know’ Riley is able to fill her in on how much her life has changed, Michael’s death, as well as her newborn twins. She also gets to see Riley’s new lifestyle with 3 men. 

Like mostly everyone Jen always thought that she would have a monogamous relationship. She hadn’t found the one yet but never thought that it would be more than one. Alexander and Roan approach Jen with the idea of being in a relationship with both of them. It isn’t unheard of in the Unseen world and as both men lead very busy lives it just makes sense. Jen is attracted to both men but isn’t totally sold on the idea. That is until she meets Doryu, a Sarkany man that Alexander brings in to teach her a bit about her people. She finds herself just as attracted to Doryu as she is to Roan and Alexander and begins exploring the idea of having a polygamous relationship. Who wouldn’t when surrounded by such sexy men?! Plus a girl has needs ya know… Why not fulfill them with these guys she has at her disposal…

I loved this book a lot. Jen is awesome. I love having a chubby main character that can think for herself and isn’t content just sitting around. Jen is thrown into the Unseen world and wants to help people that could potentially be experiencing exactly what she had. The men she has are completely swoonworthy. Like really. I just want to pull Doryu straight out of the pages and marry him. L A Boruff has such a way of writing that I am able to fall madly in love with whatever character she creates. & the sex scenes. Soooo steamy. The book ends with me beginning for more and ready to flip back to page one and restart. I swear you’ll want to too. Now come on. Swoon with me ❤

Elizabeth and the Rage of Dragons. Swoons and full blown anxiety.

This week Ava Mason released the last book in the Fated Alpha series about Elizabeth and her swoony dragons. I was so looking forward to this book. I have sped-read through all the books and loved them all. Elizabeth is a badass that really stepped up into her role as Alpha. She has spent 6 books struggling through the death of her father and mother, teaming up with her sexy dragons to fight through all sorts of problems, and is finally ready to go back to her pack to take her rightful place as Alpha. This final book wraps up what Elizabeth has been working towards for the last 6 books. Plus, there is a… drumroll please… super steamy scene between Elizabeth and two of the guys. Swoon. Let’s get into it.

Rage of Dragons.jpg

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We finished the last book with Elizabeth making her way back to her pack and finally defeating Garrett aka Scarface. This is one of the guys that murdered her father and took control of her pack. Thank god he is dead. He was a super douche and had been treating the pack horribly along with the help of the black wolf that also murdered Elizabeth’s father, Elias. Garrett was evil but overall, he was just a pawn for Elias who is really fucking evil. Elias seems to have some really weird powers to pair well with his obvious sadism. Awesome. But Elizabeth is ready to fuck shit up. She has come to take back her pack and she knows she can get out of this because she is the true alpha.

bow down.gif

Elizabeth is absolutely broken hearted because her first love, Aaron, was murdered by his father Garrett. Also, James is missing. Until he isn’t. Because that fucker is helping Elias. WHAT. THE. FUCK. He is standing there looking smug as fuck while Elizabeth, Hunter, Christian, Easton, and Avery are on the ground naked and collared like dogs. Ugh. How on earth could James do this?! He is working with Elias?! That sadistic prick?! WHY!? Has he been brain-washed? Did he do this on his own accord? Is the Queen behind this?!?! All Elizabeth knows is that she is pissed, and they are all royally fucked. Elias has a whole army behind him. There is no escape, especially with the collars around their necks. The collars suppress their ability to shift as well as their magic. Greeeeeeaaaaaaaaaat.

kidding me.gif

Elias has Elizabeth, her men, and her old pack trapped. No escape. He has shoved Elizabeth and the guys in cages in this muddy prison with magicked fences. James, the douchebag, comes in and pulls Easton because obviously in the course of things going from bad to worse Hunter and Easton are going to have to fight. To the death. Of course. Elias and his group of sadistic men get off on forcing shifters to fight each other to the death. Swell guy I tell you. There literally seems to be no way out of this, they are cornered for the first time. No one to come in and save them. No way to magic their way out of this situation. It’s impossible and now they have been separated from Easton. How the hell are they going to get out of this?

you don't have to do this.gif

Elias has some messed up powers that allows him to brainwash Elizabeth. So not only is everything fucked but Elizabeth becomes obsessed with Elias. She thinks he is god’s gift to earth and doesn’t remember why she loves her guys. She tries to convince her pack that Elias is doing this for the greater good and even helps imprison them. Nothing the guys do can snap her out of this. All she wants to do is please Elias and it is truly sickening. I don’t know how Elias can be such a horrible villain yet still have the ability to make me feel sorry for him. I felt myself wondering if I could be okay with him if he truly did love her. If he could fit in with her and the guys. My love for assholes is terrifying sometimes. I hope it is just a testament to Ava’s amazing writing skills that she could make me sort of like this horrible man while at the same time be completely disturbed by him. 

screwed up.gif

This book gave me anxiety. Almost the entire time. I just wanted it to stop. I couldn’t deal with how horrible everything was and that there was no end in sight. James’s betrayal was also really hard. I just felt heartbroken for so long because I just wanted Elizabeth to catch a break. I wanted it to be like back at the cabin where they could all just spend time together and continue falling in love. Instead, I had to figure out if Ava Mason was going to kill off one of my beloved guys. I couldn’t see a way out of this mess. WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO ME AVA?!?!?!?!?!?!


Despite above, I really did love this book. It really tied up everything with Elizabeth and the guys nicely. Although I did miss a lot of the swoon, cuz I mean Ava Mason knows how to write some really awesome swoony moments, I did get some doses of swoon. Life can’t be all about swoon I guess. *sob* I felt satisfied with the end. But really, I need another book. I know I won’t get one. Unless I beg?! I mean no, probably not even then. I want all the moments of life after the fuckfest. I want to see more of the OMG moment at the end. I want to be a creepy observer of Elizabeth and ALL her guy’s life together. We don’t always get what we want. Do you know what we do get, though?! We get the ability to go back. Go back and re-read all the books again. Fall in love with Hunter, Easton, Christian, Avery, and maybe even James? These books are ones to read and re-read and re-read. Honestly, I’ll probably never stop reading them. 

heart palpitations.gif

Thank you, Ava Mason, for letting us enter the world of wolf and dragon shifters. You gave us characters to root for, cry with, and especially to fall in love with. I can’t wait to jump into the next work of art you come out with ❤

Thank you.gif

Well… What are you waiting for you guys? It’s time to swoon with me

Elements of Desire. Happily ever hungover?

I am experiencing a thing called ‘book hangover’. You ever speed read through a book or series because it’s SO DAMN GOOD only to find yourself heartbroken at the end because you no longer get to live in the world you love? That’s a book hangover. I just finished Elements of Desire by Tate James and CM Stunich and I am flooded with emotions. Happiness. Sadness. Excitement. Laughter. Sobbing. WHY IS IT OVER. Okay, lets swoon over this last book in the Hijinks Harem Series. Gasp. ☹

Elements of Desire.jpg

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Ari and her sexy men are back in this AMAZING third installment in the Hijinks Harem series. After ending book two I am ready to FUCK SHIT UP. Like for real. WHO THE FUCK IS GEM GEM AND HOW TO DO STAB HER?! Ugh. So we finally get to the good stuffs, Ari has gotten over her hangups and married the guys! FINALLY. Swoon. Well of course as they exit the wedding ceremony this dumb bitch shows up claiming the guys are really hers. What. The Fuck. No. No. NO! Suddenly Dusty is now my favorite because he is the only one of these fucking guys that isn’t/hasn’t been involved with Gemma. Bitch. Dusty is just so raw and rough. Arrogant. Sexy. Irish. Ahhhhh. #newfavorite


Ari finds out that Gemma Darling, ugh, is her twin sister. HOLY SHIT BALL SANDWICH BATMAN. She was also a childhood friend to our guys. Ugh. Yuck. I hate them all. Not really, but still. This blows. So who invited this cunt-o-sarus to the wedding. Joan of course. UGH! Well Ari being the bad bitch she is decides she is NOT letting these two bitches fuck with her honeymoon. GO ARI! So Ari, Dusty (aka the only non-asshat ATM), Warden (still swoon), Shane, Billy, George, and Reg head to Australia to visit Arizona’s mom for their honeymoon. Who is on the plane ride there? Gemma and Joan of course because these snatches obvi have zero boundaries and they are the devils. I would have stabbed a bitch by now. I mean in a supernatural world it wouldn’t be too hard to just stab a bitch. But Ari is nicer than me, obvi.


After Ari and Dusty join the mile-high club, #swooningoversomehotairplanesex, and enjoy some first class commodities they land in Aussie country.  I love Australia, LOVE IT. There is this show I got OBSESSED with on Netflix called McLeod’s Daughters about these badass sisters that run a ranch in Australia. So begins my Australian obsession, can we say Nick and Alex Ryan anyone?! Swoon. Anyway since guaranteed I’ve lost all of you. OH WAIT. Another Australian TV show I LOVE is called Satisfaction and it’s about an Australian brothel. It is HOT.

nick and alex satisfaction.gif

Okay, everyone. Come back to me now. We are in Australia and of course Joan and Gemma fucking Darling have followed them because they are freaking creepy. We get to meet Ari’s, mom who is kinda a freak, plus her man-child boyfriend. A pot smoking freak that hates Trump so at least she has that going for her. We have some smoking hot scenes in Australia and then GEMMA FUCKING DARLING uses some kinda Tuesday magic and a spirit stone to steal the guys. Ugh. I can’t. WHY ALL THE CONFLICT TATE JAMES AND CM STUNICH?! I mean I understand, but still. Please just stop it. ***Sobbing***


Well we get back to America unbounded and pissed. Gemma is like a bad STD that we can’t get rid of. No cream is getting her off our junk. We also find out that Gemma has a HUGE thing for Siobhan. Yes we are still talking about this bitch. PLUS, CUM has taken Brit and Siobhan hostage. UGH. Ari and the guys are going to have to team up with COCS, The Unseelie, the wolf packs, and a host of other characters to take out her and Gemma’s bio parents, CUM, and the Seelie queen. Shit is about to get hard. *snort*


This book wraps up the series really nicely. I love love loved it. CM Stunich and Tate James are freaking word sorcerers that have the ultimate power of making super hot steamy scenes. Like really, they need to narrate my sex life or at least dictate it. Something. HA! We get a lot of sexy time in this book plus some M-M action. Swoon. At the end of the book I feel satisfied. Everything is good. I will miss all these characters dearly of course because they have somehow become my men. Especially Warden. & Dusty. & especially Billy, hawt. Of course, Reg and Shane. Swoon. & my sweet earth elemental George. Bahhhh I love them all. #WhyChoose


Leyak. Can a girl catch a break?!

Oh. Em. Gee. Seriously guys. Swoon. I just finished Leyak by L A Boruff, the 2nd book in her Unseen series. It was so freaking amazing. So swoony. Action packed. Wonderful goodness. Time to dive in


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We are back with Riley and the guys, Elias and Anthony, and all those kids we absolutely adore  Plus, we have a new guy we were introduced to a bit in the previous book, Supay. His name is Axoular and he is Sarkany, aka lizard/dragon people, like Riley. He’s super sweet and is always cooking as well as taking care of Riley and the kids. Riley is still reeling from having to experience her husband’s death all over again when it is revealed that his reappearance was just a shapeshifter impersonating him. To top it off, Riley is pregnant. Very pregnant. Because of this and some pregnancy complications she has been given restricted, err, physical limitations. You know, doing the dirty… What a giant freaking bummer. Especially since she has two absolutely gorgeous husbands.


Riley is also having trouble forgiving Elias now that the smoke has cleared after the adventure with the fake Michael and her discovering her Sarkany ancestry. The fact the he integrated himself into her life and became her friend when he knew about her late husband, Michael’s fate as well as where her children were being kept is a hard pill to swallow. She understands the limitations he was under but is still deeply hurt by the transgression. Realizing that she has been emotional distant from Elias she decides they should spend a weekend together to reconnect. Please just forgive him Riley! He is way too cute to be mad at! 😊

forgive me

When she approaches Elias with the suggestion of spending some time away he of course jumps on the opportunity. Cindy the witch helps them by making a portal to send Riley, Elias, and Anthony on a surprise getaway to Bali. They are on a private beach staying at a private cottage owned by the Supay. It is a super hot trip that is of course filled with some steamy scenes when Riley’s physical restrictions are lifted. Yay! She is in for a night of some hot sex and some super orgasmic bites from her vampire husbands. Yum. Axoular joins them on their getaway when Riley has a bad experience playing with fire, her fire that is 😉 She overexerts her energy levels testing out her newfound power so of course they call in the only person that can understand what is happening to her, our lovely Axo. While on the trip Axo and Riley discover their feelings for each other. Swoon. That of course Anthony and Elias are 100% okay with. Swoon. What a lucky girl!


Riley and Axo decide to take their relationship slow. Uh what? I thought this was reverse harem? Doesn’t that mean nonstop sexy times? I jest, of course fictional characters can take it slow. Not everyone is a tart. Snort. Well Riley and Axo decide to go on a date, how freaking adorable. It’s like super adorbs until OF COURSE they both get abducted. Jesus H Christ can’t we just have a moment of peace? I mean she is pregnant for god’s sake and just wants to turn her triad into a quad. CUT A GIRL A BREAK!

come on

Who would abduct them you ask? Well fake Michael, aka Peter’s father, of course. Freaking shapeshifters man, or as they are better known as the Leyak. THE NAME OF THE BOOK. Look at shit coming together all intricate and shit. Well, this fucking creep Dumadi, holds Riley and Axo hostage in a temple so that she will be forced to have her baby there. Dumadi is convinced that Riley is carrying his son Peter’s baby, which I mean she could be. There is a chance it could be Elias’s, Anthony’s, or Peter’s. He is still a psycho though… Finally after deciding enough is enough Riley bursts into flames like Faux the phoenix in Dumbledore’s office. Poof! Dumbledore out! Well, I mean Riley and Axo out. Throwing fireballs and those that try to stop her, um badass, she and Axo are able to escape Dumadi and his goons.


Since they are no longer safe with the Leyak after them Riley, the guys, and the kids have to find somewhere to hide out until after she has the baby and things calm down. The logical option is to stay to Michael’s mom’s house. Obviously. After just getting done reading the Hijinks Harem series (see my review here) and dealing with Ari’s bitch of a mother-in-law Joan, Riley’s mother-in-law is a breath of fresh air. She is super nice and welcomes them into the home with open arms, plus she buzzes off to steer suspicion away from the house. This house is freaking huge because the Supay are loaded. Man, I would be pissed if I was Riley too. If my husband and I struggled with bills and I find out he was secretly loaded. I would flip my lid. So nooooow they are safe tucked away in MIL’s house, right? WHAT COULD POSSIBLY GO WRONG?!?!?!


This book is so amazing. Riley, Elias, Anthony, and Axo are such lovable characters.I do have to 100% praise the author, L A Boruff, for being so breastfeeding supportive. When Riley gives birth, she is a nursing momma and I LOVE LOVE LOVE that. I personally breastfed my now 4-year-old until she was 2 ½. Go breastfeeders! Keep that liquid gold coming ladies! 😉


There are plenty of some really steamy scenes in this book that are totally swoon-worthy. Plus, some more twists and turns that continually keep you guessing. I never knew what was going to happen next and was constantly muttering ‘oh shit!’ to myself. I don’t want to give too much away because you need to read it yourself! Like now! Get to swooning dolls!

Dragon’s Guard. Shifters are hot. Especially Assholes.

Dragon’s Guard by Eva Chase is super freaking amazing. Like so swoony and hot. Plus, there is an audiobook version which is a HUGE bonus. Eva Chase is an amazing author really bringing the heat with The Dragon Shifter’s Mates series and the narrators on the audiobook are really good. Like really pull you into the story. Okay, let’s get to swooning…

Dragon's Guard

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Ren’s mom disappeared without a trace 7 years ago. Right before disappearing, when Ren was 14, her mom gave her a locket, requesting that she never take it off and not to open it until she turns 21. On her 21st birthday, after having the necklace for 7 long years, Ren finally opens it. Nothing happens. Pretty anti-climactic, right? Little did she know that when she opened the locket she activated a course of events that would alter life as she knew it.

nothing happened.gif

Ren is a shifter, a dragon shifter, she just has absolutely no idea. Celebrating her 21st birthday by herself in an almost empty bar she sips on her first legal drink, a Bloody Mary, awaiting her best friend Kylie who has promised a night of adventure. Ren’s world is flipped upside down when a stranger drugs and kidnaps her. Luckily for her, her kidnapper is working for a very sexy man named Marco who brings about very strange reactions in Ren. She hasn’t had much adventure in the love department, so she is completely astonished that she wants to jump this stranger’s bones. He claims that he did not okay her kidnapping and tells her she is free to go, but he seems to have information about Ren’s long-lost mother that Ren can’t help but be curious about.


Ren’s bestie Kylie, with an amazing Boston accent (via the Audiobook of course 😉), breaks into Marco’s mansion to rescue her – yes not only is he drop dead sexy but also rich… How do I get kidnapped by this man? Maybe even a relative?! I mean this really goes into my last review of Elizabeth and her dragons (find it here), the key is the jewelry. I need to find the magical jewelry hanging out in my life. Anyway, so Marco explains that there are more guests joining their ‘party’ as she is a very popular girl. Intrigue. 3 more men, yes you heard me right, show up to meet Ren. Of course, they are also smoking freaking hot. Nate, Aaron, and West join Marco, Ren, and Kylie to get the deets on Ren. Who is actually named Serenity. A much better name than Ren, but whatever. Secrecy and all that.

hot men.gif

Ren explains to the guys that she knows nothing of her life before it was just her and her mom. They have been living in New York since she was five, keeping to themselves. That was until she was 14 and her mom left on one of her trips, then never came back. The guys explain that they are all shifters and so is she. This all makes my 21st birthday seem pretty dull. I mean mine ended with vodka gummy bears and my head in the toilet. Ren’s ends with her finding her four sexy shifter mates and learning she is a dragon shifter. The only thing I shifted into was a puking slop-o-potamus. Oh well, can’t win em all I suppose… 😊 After a demonstration from the very gorgeous Nate, a grizzly bear shifter. Swoon. Ren is realizing this is all very real and seems very right. Best part of these shifter books? Of course, that the guys ALWAYS strip before they shift. I mean for the sake of their clothes and not being wasteful fucks of course. It’s really quite noble. Now to find some shifters…. For educational purposes of course!


The dragon shifters are the core of all shifter-kind. They unite the kin-groups with one common tie, by taking all four alphas as their mates.”

Well fuuuuck. So this Ren chick that we are falling in love with. She is awesome okay?! Well, she gets to mate with their four shifter alphas. Marco, a jaguar shifter. Swoon. Nate, the grizzly bear shifter. Swoon. Aaron, the eagle shifter. Swoon. AND West, the wolf shifter. Swoon. So of course my favorite is West. I have a serious complex. Like really I should speak to a therapist about it because I ALWAYS fall head over heels for the asshole. Why? I don’t know. I’m sure it’s because of the patriarchy. The fucking patriarchy. Maybe I’m a secret sub. Who knows. But boy these asshats just get me going. Like Adam in Girls, at the beginning he is just a douche that uses her. God. I love him. I honestly believe that like Adam, when you wear those assholes down the payoff is amazing. Anyway, West meets Ren with complete dismissiveness, standoffish, assholery. Even though he is completely drawn to her, he fights it because he doesn’t trust it. He doesn’t believe in something that takes his choices away. We find out when they visit his pack that he is just an amazingly protective alpha that is sweet and swoony. But still an asshat.



adams adam

This book is amazing. So is the rest of the series. There are four books that are just freaking fabulous. Eva Chase is a freaking word wizard. She writes really hot men and amazing women that aren’t pitiful wimps. This series is reverse harem with a few group scenes and a lot of really hot steamy scenes. It’s a series that you will go back and re-read. Plus, the audiobook is AMAZING. The narrators do so well and the male voices.. swoon. The magnetic chemistry is amazing. Like super swoony. You will not regret picking up this book today. I swear. Come on, you know you want to swoon with me ❤


Elizabeth gets dragons, now where are mine!

Elizabeth and the Clan of Dragons by Ava Mason is the shit. For real. The first book is like a gateway drug. I go from living my normal life to suddenly dreaming about these sexy dragons wondering why on earth shifters aren’t real. Or if they are, how do I find them?! These are serious questions. Want to get where I am? Well read on this hop on in to the AMAZING reverse harem romance. You. Will. Love. It.


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Elizabeth is a wolf shifter that is the fated alpha of her pack. The moon chose her as fated alpha, which some of the pack are not in agreement with due to her inability to shift. This includes her boyfriend’s father. Secret boyfriend that is. As future pack alpha Elizabeth is not allowed to pick a mate until she can shift. Plus all the hot sex she is having with him, also not allowed. But we will DEFINITELY not be telling anyone 🙂 Her biggest problem is that she only has a year left to accomplish shifting before she turns 25 and the pack decides to pick a new alpha.

giphy (12).gif

Lizzy’s secret boyfriend, Aaron, is a complete dreamboat. In many shifter romances, the males are super arrogant and most of the time are in charge. Aaron is a breath of fresh air in the genre. He respects her as fated alpha and truly believes she has what it takes to lead the pack. Even if she doesn’t believe in herself. Their secret romance is adorable and super hot. I love the fact that they have been friends for years and still have this adorable cutesy friendship within their relationship. He is her sanctuary from her responsibilities and she is his sanctuary from his horrid father and his responsibilities to his family.

giphy (11)

Aaron’s father, who Elizabeth refers to as Scarface, is a class A dick. He is constantly putting her down and denies that she can truly lead the pack even if she does shift. He is just a complete dick and lives up to his name-sake in more ways than one. He is also truly horrible to his own son by constantly putting him down. He even goes as far to publicly smack him across his face at Elizabeth’s birthday party when the counsel determines that she remain fated alpha. This is where we get to see a first glimpse of Elizabeth’s badassness, as she puts Scarface in his place using her alpha dominance over him. Elizabeth’s birthday party is full of surprises besides her putting douchebag Scarface in his place.


Before her guests arrive, Elizabeth’s mom presents her with a beautiful blue diamond necklace. Her mom advises her to keep it close and hidden. Keep it secret, keep it safe! Very Gandalf of her. I think I am missing some magical jewelry in my life. Frodo gets a ring and heads off on a holiday to Mordor (I jest of course) & Elizabeth gets a necklace and gets to run off with dragons. So back to the story at hand, because I could talk about Lord of the Rings for days.

onne ring.gif

Elizabeth gets her necklace that her mom has told her to keep secret. She wears it to her party and gets some cute time with Aaron who also gets her a necklace. #swoon.. After she is determined to remain fated alpha and all her guests leave things go south. Horrifying events force Elizabeth out of her home and running for her life. Elizabeth is truly able to flee from the danger she faces with the help of 4 smoking hot dragon shifters. Because why not? That happens, right?! Not to me, but I’m sure it could. 😉

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The dragon shifters are Hunter, Easton, Christian, and Avery. These guys are the men of all our dreams. Luckily, before her father was killed he was able to call a contact in the dragon shifter world who sent these four hunks to save her. Elizabeth is then thrown into a world of dragon shifters she didn’t even know existed. The guys help her escape the pack even as they continue to track her. Her relationship with the guys is so steamy with lots and lots of sexual tension. Plus they are so yummy. She still holds a place for Aaron but events beyond her control lead to a bond forming between her and her dragon shifters. I mean I love me some Aaron but these Hunter, Easton, Christian, and Avery are just… Whew ❤


This book is so wonderfully written with just the right amount of love and action. I seriously love Aaron and I love all the dragon shifters so much. Each of the dragon shifters stories are completely different forcing the reader, & Elizabeth to fall in love with each of them. When I first started reading this amazing series I downloaded the Kindle Unlimited version called ‘Elizabeth and her Dragons’ which is a compilation of the first four books. Currently, there are six books with the seventh coming out soon. This is one of my ALL-TIME favorite reverse harem series. As the series progresses the characters grow so much. Elizabeth is a bad ass. Truly. She may not be able to shift but she has vengeance in her heart and is not afraid of anything. Plus the men. I think my favorite is Avery but sometimes Hunter. Oh & Christian. Plus, Easton. Gosh. Swoon. I know, I’m indecisive. But, like we say in the reverse harem fan-world #WhyChoose?