Another Obsession <3

Okay dolls. I know typically I am swooning over my fictional book husbands. Aka Warden, Bel, Jax, Avery, Elias, etc…. You should probably read my blogs to figure out who those guys are 😉

TODAY I AM SWOONING OVER SOMETHING ELSE. Another passion, if you will. This passion is makeup. Obvi. So, as a makeup obsessed BoxyCharm subscriber one of my favorite days of the month is my BoxyCharm delivery! THAT WAS YESTERDAY. Woooooo! Here it is!

So obvi super excited. Can’t wait to try this stuff out. Any other makeup lovers out there?! There has to be right?! BoxyCharm subscribers? Hit me up! Email me. Tweet me. Do something. There is so much love to be had.

giphy (14).gif

I should say I am not being paid by BoxyCharm. This has nothing to do with anything but a crazy girl obsessing over makeup. I paid $21 for this box and got all this makeup. Definitely worth it. 6 freaking items for $21?! Cray cray.