Julia Swoons for Thanksgiving!

Hello everyone! Happy Thanksgiving! What are all your plans for today? Lots of food I hope 😊 I love Thanksgiving. Growing up it was always a time I got to spend with my family and eat TONS of good food. I especially enjoyed being able to spend the time with my twin cousins who have been my best friends since birth. We always got into a ton of shenanigans and made memories than made my childhood amazing ❤

Second best thing about Thanksgiving?! 4 day weekend. Sadly, I won’t be able to spend my WHOLE break reading and videogaming. Part of it will be spent with family both my husband’s and mine, and the other part will be spent reading my dreaded blue book… Yes, Julia Swoons doesn’t get to spend all her time swooning over fictional men. Julia Swoons has a full time job (that she actually loves even if it isn’t swoony 😉). Julia Swoons works in insurance. Dun dun dun. I swear I’m not evil. I am a Renewal Underwriter at an insurance company in Central Illinois. Part of my job is continuing my insurance education which means taking a few tests a year and getting insurance designations. It keeps up educated and in the know. Luckily I love to read, just not necessarily about insurance 😉

My test is coming up on December 10th so I am trying to read this blue giant so that I can pass the test. It’s exhausting and picking it up makes me fall asleep almost immediately. I love my job but lemme tell you reading about insurance isn’t the same as reading about Thess and her sexy men *drools over Jax*. But I will push through it and hopefully pass my test. BUUUUUT this means that I won’t be doing as much fun reading or blogging for the next couple weeks 😢 I am going to try to pull myself away and get some posts done but I can’t make any promises. Just know that Julia is still swooning… just about other things… .

Back to Thanksgiving because I promise you I will be doing no insurance reading today. It’s a freaking holiday, leave me alone…. #chronicprocrastinator. Today I will be going to my husband’s family to celebrate this turkeyest of holidays. Then tonight my husband and I are going to see Fantastic Beasts because my sister-in-law is amazing and has agreed to take our daughter 😁 I’m so excited!!!! 

Well I better start getting ready to leave… Can’t go to the fam-in-laws in my pajamas even though my Hogwarts pajama pants are totally awesome.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! 😊

I hope you all have a day filled with turkey, pie, and family. In that order 😉

How do you find books & Julia Swoons is a Book Whore

I feel like everytime I finish a book series and go through the inevitable book hangover I have trouble figuring out what to read next. I always have a huuuuge list of book in my Kindle library and TBR list but I always think in my head, ‘God, nothing is EVER going to be that good.” Then I inevitably find another AMAZING book. There are just some really awesome ones out there. It’s made me question myself… Am I a book whore? OR am I just really good at finding good books?!

book feels.gif

When I am looking for the next AMAZING book to read I feel like I need to go to my favorite Facebook groups and make a post so I can get the scoop on the current HOTTEST books out there. As you have probably can tell I am really into fast burns. I do have quite a few medium burns I love but most of the time I’m like ‘HEY! LET’S GET TO THE BUSINESS!’ It’s why I had to get out of the YA book game. I would read and read these amazing books but still feel like well that was good and all but I really wanted more love. I want books to be 90% swoon and 10% story/action. Books like Hunger Games, Twilight, Divergent, Premontion series, etc are AMAZING books. Seriously, I love these freaking books but I always felt they were tame. There were plenty of parts where I’m creepily giggling at my desk at work and biting my lip like I’m the adorable MC but I still felt like I couldn’t deal with all the fade to black scenes. Thus moving onto romance and eventually reverse harem because what is not to love about a TON of guys. Srsly. 

sex booksex austin powers

But back to the posibility of me being a book whore. I love a lot of the books I find. Like really love them. Some are okay and I’m fine with dropping off and not reading more of the series but most I fall desperately in love with. I honestly think I have been really good at finding some really amazing authors. This has a lot to do with my Facebook group stalkdom (new word) and befriending a lot of the authors in the genre. It’s probably my favorite part. I get to be all fangirly and feel like I’m actually part of something great. It’s amazing to talk to someone who wrote something truly remarkable that you love to pieces. 

stalker mode.gif

Sooooooo the question is how do you all find your favorite books? Do you scour Goodreads? Do you question Facebook groups? Do you go with Amazon recs? Let me know! 

tell me.gif

Keep swooning dolls ❤



Sunshine Blogger Awards

The lovely Bibi’s Book Blog nominated me for The Sunshine Blogger Awards ❤ 

Thank you! 



  1. Thank the person who nominated you and link their blog to this post
  2. Answer the eleven questions asked by your nominator
  3. Nominate eleven bloggers
  4. Ask them eleven questions, different to the ones you’ve answered
  5. List the rules
  6. Display the Sunshine Blogger Award logo on your post and blog site

Bibi’s 11 Questions:

  1. What’s your favourite colour?
    • Pink! Also purple, but mostly pink. I really love a nice hot pink. Especially in cheetah print form. Also I like to say ‘Boho’ is one of my favorite colors even though people like to say ‘Boho’ isn’t a color. Did a color come to mind when you read that. Don’t lie.
  2. White, milk or dark chocolate?
    • White chocolate. Also Hugs are the best. White and milk chocolate mixed in Kiss form. Yuuuuuuum.
  3. Favourite drink? (Doesn’t have to be alcoholic).
    • Coca Cola. Always Coca Cola. Plus coffee. French Vanilla. Pumpkin Spice. Hazelnut. Coffee is delicious.
  4. Who’s in your harem? Pick 3-6 guys/girls, but they can’t be from the same books, TV shows or films.
    • This is literally my favorite question ever. EVER. 
    • 1. Alexander Skarsgard
    • 2. Paxton – Groupie by C M Stunich
    • 3. Aaron Warner – Shatter Me Series by Tareheh Mafi
    • 4. Billy – Hijinks Harem by C M Stunich and Tate James
    • 5. Charlie Hunham
    • 6. Ashton Kutcher
  5. If you met a genie, what would you wish for? And you can’t wish for “more” anything like more wishes, more money etc.
    • To always be happy or the ability to always find happiness in even the worst circumstances. (that’s one wish phrased two ways, it’s not cheating)
  6. What’s your favourite clothes to wear?
    • Honestly, a t-shirt and no pants. But since I have to leave the house, a t-shirt and yoga pants.
  7. What’s 3 things you want to share about your self?
    • I’m kinda a basic bitch.. KINDA.
    • I love video games. 
    • I am a realty tv junkie.
  8. If you could ask me any 3 questions, what would you want to know?
    • 1. Who is in your harem?!
    • 2. Favorite celebrity?
    • 3. Do you have any pets?
  9. You win the jackpot in the lottery, what’s the first 5 things you buy?
    • 1. A bigger house. We are CRAMMED.
    • 2. A van — cars are too small
    • 3. Buy my mom a house or fix hers
    • 4. Buy my mom a car
    • 5. A place in L.A. so I can celeb-stalk
  10. What’s your perfect day?
    • A day with my family where I have time to read, play video games, and do fun things with my daughter.
  11. Have you ever met anyone you got to know through the blogging community?
    • No I haven’t


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Check them out — I think they are pretty awesome 😊


  1. Who is your biggest celebrity crush?
  2. Do you have any pets?
  3. What got you into blogging?
  4. What is your favorite genre of books? Movies? TV Shows?
  5. If you could live in a TV show world, which TV show would you choose?
  6. How long do you spend preparing posts? 
  7. What is your dream car?
  8. If you could visit any place in the world, what place would you visit?
  9. What is your favorite season?
  10. What is your dream job? Are you doing it? 
  11. Does blogging make your reading seem like a job or are you still loving every minute of it?

It’s time… I’m heading #backtohogwarts

hogwarts express.gif

ALL ABOARD!! Toot toot!! Except like a train horn, more of a waaaaah waaaaaaahhh. A nice manly train noise. DO YOU KNOW WHAT DAY IT IS?! It’s September 1st and that means it’s time for us all to gather our trunks and our owls to prepare for another year at Hogwarts. If you are looking for me, I’ll be at platform 9 ¾ waiting for the Hogwarts express to take me back to my one true home. My favorite place. Hogwarts. 


Every year on September 1st I started re-reading or re-listening to all the Harry Potter books. It really gets me in the Fall spirit. Give me Harry and give me a PSL (pumpkin spice latte!) and all is content in the world. Really. What more do we need than Harry Potter and coffee. The answer is nothing. Since September 1st falls on a Saturday this year I won’t be starting my HP ritual until Monday. It’s good to start things on Mondays. So, this coming Monday I will be going back to Hogwarts. My literal favorite place. & of course, I will be listening to the Stephen Fry version and we’ll be searching for the Philosopher’s Stone, because I don’t settle for second best.

hogwarts letter

A lot of you have probably figured out by now that I have a HUGE obsession with Harry Potter. I get tagged on Facebook all the time about Harry Potter stuff, my desk at work is COVERED in Harry Potter stuff, I have a Harry Potter tattoo, my wallet is a Harry Potter letter from Hogwarts, I’M LITERALLY WEARING A GYFFINDOR QUIDDITCH SHIRT AS I TYPE THIS. That’s how Harry Potter I am. My coffee mug that I drink out of in the mornings says, ‘Don’t let the muggles get you down’. My cat is named Albus. I have the deathly hallows mark on my car. I’m wearing an owl necklace with a tiny envelope which holds a tiny letter to Hogwarts. I DON’T FUCK AROUND WITH MY FANDOM. If my husband wasn’t so stubborn my daughter’s name would be Hermione. I literally cried when Alan Rickman died. Not just Snape the character, the literal actor. Not even kidding. Harry Potter is the shit. I’m never going to stop loving this. Ever.


Who else will be joining me today (or Monday) in re-reading Harry Potter? I do this every year. It’s one of my favorite things. Especially book 3, The Prisoner of Azkaban, and book 6, The Half-Blood Prince. Those are my favorites. My favorite places, besides Hogwarts of course, are the Burrow and 12 Grimmauld Place.


My least favorite book has to be Order of the Phoenix. Harry is just so freaking whiney in that one plus the bitch Dolores Umbridge… ugh. I hate that bitch. I understand why Harry is so whiney but he wastes all his precious time with Sirius being a whiney bitch. Buck up Harry. You wanted to be in the wizarding world and you are doing it. Stop being a wet blanket.


Man just seeing this bitches face gets me fired up….

I hope you are all partaking in #BacktoHogwarts and always remember, Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times if one only remembers to turn on the light ❤ #hpswoon

dumbledore darkest.gif

Julia Swoons over Big Brother

So another not so secret passion of mine is Big Brother. It is literally one of my favorite shows. I am a reality TV junkie. Give me Big Brother, give me Bachelor in Paradise, give me Naked and Afraid! You know I’m Keeping Up with those Kardashians and I live for Jerzdays. I love realty TV. Period.

so smart.gif

I just have to say I am OBSESSED with this season! I haven’t been this into it since Derek’s season. Ahhhh Derek was so amazing! What a freaking game player! Well this season Tyler is my Derek. He is seriously so cute and SO FREAKING good at the game! I have been such a huge fan of his and level six the whole game! Tyler is obviously running the entire house and ALMOST no one suspects him of it! He is a competition beast and his social game is off the charts. Plus, DAMN he is swoony. ❤


The Zingbot episode was so great. Zingbot is hilarious. I agree with him so much about Fessy. Damn that boy is dumb! Hayley is cute but I honestly don’t think she is that into him. Even though Brett is a super douche (nail on the hear Zingbot!) she would have been waaaay better off attaching herself to him instead of Fessy. Plus her other alliance member, Scotty, he is super weird and completely bizarre. I don’t have a problem with nerds. I’m a nerd myself. He is just bizarre and makes me uncomfortable.


A super suprising conniving guy this season is JC! I felt like I liked him at the beginning. He’s funny and cute but after I heard about the whole ice cream scooper controversy I wasn’t a fan. He is doing a good job working the house though! I mean like I said Fessy is super dumb but JC is working that shit! JC may suprise us… At least he is a better game player than Sam… 😐 She is nuttier than squirrel shit.


Do I have any other Big Brother fans out there?! Who are your favorites this season? Your least favorites?! What did you think of last night’s eviction? & this Jury Battle Back?! No! 👎 LET’S HEAR IT SWOONERS! ♥️


julie chen.gif