Undeniable. All good things come to an end.

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Do I sob because it’s over or be happy because it happened? No no, I’m not a high school girl and I haven’t broken up with the love of my life. I’m a woman in her mid twenties who has just finished an amazing series. Undeniable was so so amazing, I just can’t believe I don’t get to keep reading. Ugh! All good things must come to an end I suppose.
We start back up with Giovanna and her guys, Maven, Chance and Banyan. Super hunks obvi. The police still haven’t found Giovanna’s former bestie and arsonist, Molly, so expectedly Giovanna is freaked. Luckily, she is safe away from Molly in India with her parents after they yanked her out of school. Wait, scratch that. Unluckily. Very unluckily. As you may remember Giovanna’s parents suck, like really suck. They are completely hands off and really see her more as an inconvenience vs a loving daughter. She is honestly just ready to get back to her men, let’s be honest we are ready for her to get back to her men too. Things were really starting to get super swoony. Unluckily, or maybe luckily, Giovanna’s appendix bursts and she is sent to the hospital. Doesn’t sound lucky right? Well since she doesn’t answer her guy’s texts they obvi with their richness and connections fly out to India ASAP to save her from her wretched parents and take her home with them. #swoonfest
Things really start getting serious between Giovanna and the guys in this book and I absolutely love it. The guys are so happy she is safe and back in their arms and of course this leads to some hot ass sexy time. Including some mmfm action. Woot. Plus now that they are all out of college (with Giovanna taking some online classes) they have to try to keep up with each other and their hectic lives. Not only with their jobs but their insane families. Giovanna and her men’s love continues to grow in the most swoonworthy ways. I seriously can’t make a decision about which guy I love more, usually I have a favorite but I can’t decide between these guys because they are all so amazing.
Giovanna also has her safety to keep in mind. She can’t just go frolicking around town with her sexy men because her crazy ex-roommate Molly is still at large. This requires the guys to hire a security detail to protect not only Giovanna but the rest of them. Molly’s determination to have Giovanna all to herself includes destroying those that are close to her. The last book included Molly burning down the store she was employed at, destroying the business of her employers who became her friends. Will Molly be caught? What damage will she do in this book?
Rebecca Royce finishes her series amazingly. I love the ending and will dearly miss Giovanna and her men. Since the first book we have been getting snippets of the end, you would think that hyping it through 3 books would take away the amazingness of the moment. Well it doesn’t This book is definitely a must read!

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