Perfect is on Wattpad! What in the world is Wattpad?!


One of my favorite authors (Adell Ryan) who wrote one of my favorite books (Perfect) has decided to put her book on Wattpad! I had never even heard of Wattpad before she started talking about it on her page and I am pretty intrigued. Have any of you used this app?


My favorite part about re-reading the book on the app is that I get to read it with a group, which I never do. I get to see what other think of different scenes and I also get to comment on certain parts of the book that I find especially swoon-worthy. PLUS, the author, Adell Ryan, even jumps in and interacts with her fans! #Fangirling
Here is a swoony scene in the book 😍

He steps to me, brings his lips to mine, and whispers. “Adoro stare con te. Ti desidero più di ogni altra cosa al mondo.” He nips my bottom lip with his teeth, releases, then places a light kiss against the sting he left behind. My eyes close, and when they open he’s against the stove again.


Gahhhh I love swoony men ❤ Adell Ryan knows how to write some swoony men. If you haven’t read this book yet you should download the Wattpad app and read it along with me for FREE. Start the Prologue and see me swooning in the comments! 😁

If you want to know more about the book check out my review of it here

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