Cure the virus, save the world. In Her Company.

You all should be really proud because I have been venturing away from my normal diet of strictly paranormal romances and jumping into some really good romances in other genres. This is another one! Let’s get into ‘In her Company’ by AJ Sinclair, a post-apocalyptic/dystopian reverse harem romance about a badass chick named Indiana Jones and the four soldiers that are going to try to help her save the world.

In her Company isn’t too long with a typical reading time of 3 hours and 7 minutes — plus it is on Kindle Unlimited, SCORE! It is the first of the series, with the second book also out.

Find it here on Amazon!

The story starts at a 4th of July party and Indiana Jones is sweating her ass off. Dr. Indie Jones, as she prefers to be called, witnesses her mother sickness happen right before her eyes. One minute they are talking about potato salad in the kitchen and the next her mother is coughing up blood and seizing on the floor. Knowing the ambulance is on the way to take her mother to the hospital, Indie rushes off to her lab determined to find a cure. Unable to figure out how to take down the virus she goes to the hospital to visit her mother. During the visit and an argument with her brother, her mother dies leaving Indie and the rest of her family devastated. Indie turns to what she knows best, science and the fight to find a cure to this sickness. She has to save the rest of her family, she has to save everyone.


Indie makes her way back to her lab and begins testing. Days pass and she continues experimenting different cures on lab rats as she watches the city around her dissipate into complete anarchy. The news shows her that thousands of people are dying, the ones that haven’t are being quarantined to their homes and work. Riots are breaking out and most places of business are being looted. It’s complete madness outside. Indie may very well be able to stop it, when she finally discovers a cure. A successful test on a lab rat named Rizzo is what Indie needs to be able to venture back into the world. She has to make it back to the hospital to save her brother, sister, and father. She has the cure, the one thing that can save everyone. But can she make it back to the hospital on her own with the chaos ensuing outside the safety of her lab?


Indie’s first steps outside her lab almost lead her to turn back. Bodies everywhere. Rotting flesh, blood, the town ravaged. She knows she must press on, she just needs to get to the hospital and end this thing. Not long into this new world of infection she meets up with 4 soldiers. Cody, Eli, Jack, and Austin are all that is left of the 150 soldiers that were stationed in the quarantine zone when the virus started to spread. They were tasked with keeping the peace and keeping the infection in the quarantined zone. Indie shows them her single vial with the cure and begs them to let her go so that she can get to the hospital. She knows she can end this thing, she just needs to get to the hospital. They agree to help her, eager to take on a mission and end this thing.


All four men are absolutely gorgeous, even in these horrible circumstances Indie can’t fight her attraction to these men. She knows that she is immune to the virus after studying her blood in the lab and these guys don’t seem to be infected. What could it hurt to allow these sexy men to escort her to save her family? Their group dynamic is immediate, and they mesh together so well. Cody is adorably hilarious and has such a sexy bad boy vibe. He is helpful in stealing food, hot wiring cars, and talking in his incredibly sexy southern accent. Austin is the leader, super protective and keeps these assholes in line. Jack is the sexy silent type but gets incredibly adorable and sweet around Indie. Eli is also very protective and although suspicious of Indie at first is definitely attracted to her. Plus, his protectiveness of her leads him to get a baseball bat to the ribs while trying to keep her safe on the way to the hospital.


I really enjoyed reading this dystopian reverse harem romance book a lot. Wow, that is a lot of adjectives.  My favorite part had to be that Indie is African American. There are not very many examples of women of color that are represented in mainstream romance books, so this is definitely a breath of fresh air. One of her guys is also African American.  PLUS, Indie is a badass chick that is not only super intelligent but also is pretty fearless. Instead of finding the cure and hiding behind closed doors hoping others will distribute it to the population she meets the virus head on. Lucky for us she doesn’t hole herself up in her lab because she gets to meet the completely sexy men. I’m normally not into soldiers or arrogant types, but shit, arrogant works on these guys. I wouldn’t mind being saved by these men after the world goes to shit, everyone starts coughing up blood, and dying around me. Indie being an analytical woman is intrigued by the possibility of a group dynamic and AMEN to that because her interactions with her guys are H-O-T. Will Indie be able to save her family? Can she eradicate the virus with her cure? Can these four hot soldiers share our super-hot and intelligent MC? Will this post-apocalyptic book have you absolutely swooning? I won’t be giving away any spoilers, but I can answer the last question with a resounding YES. All you gotta do to swoon is jump in, are you ready?


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