Getting ravaged by Ravagers

Okay, so we have here The Ravager Chronicles by Sara Page. A swoon worthy Sci-Fi reverse harem romance series that will make you weak at the knees.

The Ravager Chronicles

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I seriously was very skeptical at first. I’m normally just not that into alien stories because aliens are scary not sexy. Think the scariest movie ever. Yes, you are correct. Signs with Mel Gibson. Talking about fucking scary. I had to sleep in my parent’s room for weeks after that horrible experience. So when I see that this reverse harem series is about aliens I am just not confident that I will love it. Well Sara Page knows how to write sexy aliens, lemme tell you. Let’s get into it.


So, we have our main character, Ameia. This girl is a princess of her home planet and decided to have a bit of rebellious fun on her birthday and go up in a ship with her step brother. Of course, their journey goes horribly leading to Ameia being shipped in an emergency pod onto an unknown planet. Ameia has no idea where she is so she has no way of knowing if the planet she is on has oxygen or what types of lifeforms are present. She is pretty much trapped in her archaic pod with limited food, water, and uhhhh bathroom space. It’s not smelling very princessly in there. Ameia kinda drives me nuts at the beginning. I mean my favorite part of reverse harem books is the amount of characters I get to swoon over. Instead of the typical man and woman main characters we normally get in romance books we get lots and lots of man meat, errr lovely men, to swoon over. Well Ameia is whiney. Like super whiney. I would probably be the same, but still I usually like my MCs pretty badass.


Without much thought Ameia presses the red button in her pod and it starts opening. Well that’s not ideal. I mean I’m not expert but maybe we should check for oxygen before opening the pod. Just an idea. I mean I am pleased that her opening the pod might lead to more characters because I need more. LUCKILY, there is air so Ameia is able to breathe and not die immediately. That would be an odd book. Kill off the MC at the beginning, but wait, that wasn’t the main character. Different main character. This is a book idea, authors take note. But this book Ameia doesn’t die. I am happy about this because she does turn out to be pretty awesome.  😊


Ameia breathes. Sweet relief. No more princess stench. She looks around and sees something in the distance? What could it be? Why a naked purple man barreling at her full speed. Well then… that’s unexpected. I mean better than the Signs aliens but still not ideal. She attempts to stay in her pod avoiding the man for days. Literally days barely leaving the pod. I felt like I was going to stop reading because I was truly bored. As bored as our princess. She slowly starts leaving the pod and adventuring a bit, running full speed back to the pod anytime she catches sight of the mysterious man. Even though he seems to be trying to take care of her. She can’t understand his alien language but he keeps bringing food and water to her pod, confusing the hell out of her. What’s even more confusing are the super sexual dreams she keeps having about the unknown man. He is terrifying and absolutely intriguing. 


Eventually she is unable to refuse his help and takes up residence in a ship with him. A man she can’t understand, who has one hell of a temper, purple skin and glowing red eyes. A beast. Beast, as Ameia starts lovingly referring him as, turns out to be kinda an asshole. But overall an asshole that loves her. He is also a ravager. Ameia grows up being terrified of ravagers, they are a thing of nightmares on her planet. Honestly I picture the ravagers from Guardians of the Galaxy most of the time. Except sexy. & purple. Probably because they have the exact same name… 


I only know ravagers as the sexy beasts that Sara Page describes them as. I literally love them all. The Ravager Chronicles on Amazon is a book set of all four of the books in the series. So I read them all at once. No waiting, no having to download them one by one. I was able to just fly through them. & fly through them I did once I got past the part of Ameia being mostly alone and trapped in the pod. Ameia and her ravager men are oh so swoony. Each of them have a very special place in my heart. She has Beast, Striker, Warrick, and Vis. They are dark, loving, and oh so sexy. The sex scenes in this book are hot and the loves scenes will make you weak at the knees. I truly enjoyed this book series. Now I just spend my time dreaming about Ravagers and waiting for one of them to be my calling. Swoon with me dolls, you won’t be sorry ♥♥


5 thoughts on “Getting ravaged by Ravagers

  1. I do enjoy my steamy supernatural and paranormal romance’s but I am not sure I could stretch to Aliens. (Still, I loved your review!)


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