Groupie: The Story of How C M Stunich has ruined me for all other books

My heart is broken in the most hauntingly beautiful way. Just finishing Groupie by C M Stunich I find myself sitting in such raw emotions it’s hard to find words to explain them. As one never short of words, this is not a normal occurrence.


I have said before that I do not really read contemporary romances. If I do, they are mostly the standard contemporary romance of girl meets boy and falls in love, the end. No hype. Just love. I really don’t read reverse harem contemporary romances because honestly, I’ve never been able to grasp how such a relationship could survive in real life. Reverse harem with shifters? Sure. Vampires? Of course! Regular every day typical Joes and Janes. Doubt it. I’m always on the look out for good books. I live for good books. I had a lot of recommendations to read Groupie by C M Stunich because it is so freaking hot and steamy. I read the Hijinks Harem series by C M Stunich and Tate James and loved it as you can tell from my reviews of it. It was light, hilarious, and completely sexy. Why wouldn’t I love Groupie? I was worried I wouldn’t because no one would be shifting, drinking blood, or doing anything else supernatural. Boy, I was so unbelievably wrong..

Hauntingly beautiful. Hilarious. Raw. Heartbreaking. Completely sexy.
That is how I describe this amazing book. I found myself represented in Lilith, Muse, Ransom, Cope, Pax, and Michael. I too am a sad soul. I am not arrogant enough to believe that I have a singular claim to sadness. Plenty of people are sad. We are all a little sad. I have lived through things that have put me through the fucking ringer. Things I didn’t think I could survive. But I did. This love story is full of surviving through the unbearable shit that we humans have to fucking push through on a daily. Most of us, anyway. I don’t want to leave the impression that this is an unbearably sad book that will leave you sobbing in bed in the fetal position like we all were after the series finale of Sons of Anarchy. I mean what kind of soulless monster didn’t have their world completely crushed during that last scene of Jax on his motorcycle. I have finished the book only seconds ago and I am filled with a feeling of finding happiness on a rainy day. Of living through Alanis Morrisette’s ‘Ironic’ day only to find that even though the world can really fuck you up, there are some parts that are really fucking special. Like this book. It’s one of the parts that are really fucking special.

Lilith sits in her car with all her belongings ready to head to New York and be with her father. Her sick father. A buzz of a text from her stepmom ends that… ‘Lilith, I’m sorry but your father passed away this morning’… Already I fucking despise this woman. No one. No one should hear that their father has died through a text. I still remember being 13 and sitting in the hospital waiting room in my jean mini skirt and black leather hooker boots as my aunt told me my father was dead. I was dressed like a hooker when I found out my dad was dead. Yes, I know this is a fictional character and a text of her father’s death is the icing on the cake of her misery. Theatrics and all that. But fuuuuck. That shit sucks. I remember 9 months after being told my father had died sitting in the backseat of my mom’s SUV as my grandmother held my hand and my mom told me from the front passenger seat that my brother was dead. Dead. Fuck.. Those moments in time when your life just changes, those moments stick in your mind. You shouldn’t be alone with just a text in those moments, not even fictional characters. Some books just hit home. This book. It fucking hit home.

Lilith in a crazy turn of events gets a backstage pass to a concert for a band called Beauty in Lies. A band that consists of 5 gorgeously broken men. These 5 gorgeously broken men are what saves Lilith, from herself and from the dark spiraling black hole that her life turns into when she finds herself completely and utterly alone. Paxton Blackwell, Michael Luxe, Derek ‘Muse’ Muser, Ransom Riggs, and Copeland Park all with their own shit take Lilith in. They see this beautiful woman. This completely broken woman who has lost her father, has her car broken into and ransacked, left with literally nothing. No one. Not all of them are kind, but they all save her. She saves them too.

These guys are completely amazing. Lilith is this fucking badass chick that rediscovers herself and realizes that she doesn’t need to give a fuck what other people think anymore. When you have nothing left, you really have nothing left to give. Every guy is so amazingly attractive in their brokenness. I literally want to save them all. They are every bad boy that you fall desperately in love with because they are so broken, and you just want to fix them. You want to be the sun in their completely dark existence. You see that they are just as broken as you are, and it would be nice to find someone that really fucking understands. They are so raw and outrageously sexy. They have the power to completely undo you, and they definitely undo Lilith. What starts as a one-night stand with Pax, then Cope, then Muse, then Ransom turns in this amazing and beautiful relationship that had me nervously counting down the days in the two weeks that she promised she would leave after. Two weeks to figure her shit out. Two weeks on their tour bus. I felt like I wouldn’t survive if it stopped after two weeks. She is able to break down each of the men’s defenses and form her adorable little harem.

This book is too good to just be read through on a review. You need to read it. You need feel it. It isn’t just a sad fucking story that turns out to be unbelievably beautiful in the most amazing and weirdest way. It made me feel swoony and unbelievably fucking giddy like a teen with her first crush. This book has substance. It is long enough in itself to really let you feel like you know every single character. Make you feel like you can love every single character. That is the mark of an amazing author. To make you fucking care. C M Stunich made me fucking care. I really think she will make you care too. You just have to jump in… You may cry but you’ll also swoon. ❤


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