Chosen. To Choose or Not to Choose…

There is a very sad absence of reverse harem romance books in the Audible Romance package. I am mostly forced to read via Kindle Unlimited, use my Audible credits on reverse harem audiobooks, and of course purchase from my favorite authors. I was able to find one reverse harem series recently through the Audible Romance Package, ‘Chosen: Their Vampire Princess Book 1’ by Harlow Thomas and Anastasia James. I really enjoy listening to audiobooks at work and had been on a bit of a slump lately. I was very pleasantly surprised by this book. Plus look at the cover! I am putty for a good book cover ❤


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I was skeptical of course as it isn’t very long and immediately starting the book was not a huge fan of the narrator’s voice. Even upon ending the book, I feel that I have only accepted it and still really don’t love her voice. I couldn’t really differentiate between the men’s voice and they always just sounded so weird. Maybe I’ve been spoiled by some really amazing narrators and this girl is actually fine I’ve just become biased. Either way, I was able to push through the narration and listen to what turned out to be a really good story.


I love paranormal romance. Seriously love it. I feel like my love for vampires started with Blade and Twilight. Two completely different sides of the spectrum, but still… Vampires, swoon. Then came True Blood where I just completely became entranced in these wonderful creatures called vampires. They are just so freaking sexy. Everything about them is hot. Whew. Then a couple recent favorites of mine, Their Vampire Queen series by Joely Sue Burkhart and The Forbidden Bond series by Cat Miller, has just continued to stoke the flame of my love for vampires.


So, I obviously love vampires. The question is, did I love Chosen? The answer is yes. Although it is not my favorite vampire book ever it is definitely still an awesome book.

thumbs up

We have our vampire princess, Felicity, who must choose one of the four human men presented to her as her prince and future husband. This is a long standing tradition for the women in Felicity’s family and she is soooo not ready. She is shipped off to an island with her four male suitors and she must choose one of them otherwise she cannot rule and the Night Court will fall. No pressure… ammirite?! The island is able to give her a ‘human experience’ while courting the four men. She is not burned by the sun, doesn’t have her speed or strength, is sensitive to heat and cold, but still needs human blood. The men, well they are there to feed her, both in blood and body.

grow up.gif

Of course, our vampire princess is a virgin because she has to save herself for her future husband. *Rolls Eyes* & to think I was believing this to be a matriarchal rule, seems like a pretty patriarchal idea to me buuuuut I digress… Some of the guys are also virgins but some are not, double standards much? The guys are sexy and pretty charming constantly trying to win Felicity’s hand with their charm. Except Garrett, he is the asshole, so of course I’m desperately in love with him… #badboyissues. He seems to be only doing this for his village and doesn’t expect a lot out of Felicity except a spoiled princess. Winning her hand means a lifetime of protection for his village. The vampire Night Court would protect them from attacks from shifters, demons, wraiths, and witches. Something all the guys desperately want.


Things go from introductions and being tame to scorching hot in a short matter of time. She has some intimate moments with the men and decides that she must dedicate whole days to them so that she can get to know them better and make her choice. Her first date is with Sebastian who is very arrogant and sure of himself. They spend the day in a small little cove with a waterfall kissing and doing some, errr, extra curriculars 😉 In one short day Felicity goes from never being kissed to kissing multiple men and having her first orgasm on Sebastian’s hand. Doesn’t waste any time, this little vampire princess!

big o.gif

After her wonderful date with Sebastian she comes back ready to choose him. I mean, who can blame her after the sexy day she had with him. Garrett and Miller immediately greet her individually asking her not to choose yet. Garrett with a very sexy kiss and Miller with some interesting, errr, downstairs kissing… The last guy, Thomas, hasn’t really had any time with her. Honestly, Felicity is already overwhelmed by her choices so she isn’t really looking forward to getting another man into the mix. Her day with Thomas is of course overwhelmingly sexy as well. HOW IS A GIRL TO CHOOSE WITH ALL THIS SEXINESS GOING ON?!

men in rotation.gif

This book isn’t really long so if you aren’t a big fan of the narrator you don’t have to suffer long. Although this is just the first book in the series soooo I suppose I’ll be listening longer. Maybe she’ll grow on me. I feel that this is an interesting enough story to keep me going even if I’m not head over heels for the narrator. If audiobooks aren’t your thing this book is also on Kindle Unlimited so you can give the characters your own voices. I do have to say men sound MUCH sexier in my head. They usually sound like the sexy men I love in movies like Charlie Hunnam, Heath Ledger, Chris Pratt, Alexander Skarsgard, and Ashton Kutcher. God those men are swoony. Buuuut back to the task at hand. This is a really good book and it is suuuuper sexy! Who is ready to swoon with me?!

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  1. I just reviewed the whole series as one audiobook. Another great review. It’s cheeky that Audible have the whole lot as one seamless audiobook yet only make one part available in the romance package.

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