Julia Swoons over Big Brother

So another not so secret passion of mine is Big Brother. It is literally one of my favorite shows. I am a reality TV junkie. Give me Big Brother, give me Bachelor in Paradise, give me Naked and Afraid! You know I’m Keeping Up with those Kardashians and I live for Jerzdays. I love realty TV. Period.

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I just have to say I am OBSESSED with this season! I haven’t been this into it since Derek’s season. Ahhhh Derek was so amazing! What a freaking game player! Well this season Tyler is my Derek. He is seriously so cute and SO FREAKING good at the game! I have been such a huge fan of his and level six the whole game! Tyler is obviously running the entire house and ALMOST no one suspects him of it! He is a competition beast and his social game is off the charts. Plus, DAMN he is swoony. ❤


The Zingbot episode was so great. Zingbot is hilarious. I agree with him so much about Fessy. Damn that boy is dumb! Hayley is cute but I honestly don’t think she is that into him. Even though Brett is a super douche (nail on the hear Zingbot!) she would have been waaaay better off attaching herself to him instead of Fessy. Plus her other alliance member, Scotty, he is super weird and completely bizarre. I don’t have a problem with nerds. I’m a nerd myself. He is just bizarre and makes me uncomfortable.


A super suprising conniving guy this season is JC! I felt like I liked him at the beginning. He’s funny and cute but after I heard about the whole ice cream scooper controversy I wasn’t a fan. He is doing a good job working the house though! I mean like I said Fessy is super dumb but JC is working that shit! JC may suprise us… At least he is a better game player than Sam… ðŸ˜ She is nuttier than squirrel shit.


Do I have any other Big Brother fans out there?! Who are your favorites this season? Your least favorites?! What did you think of last night’s eviction? & this Jury Battle Back?! No! 👎 LET’S HEAR IT SWOONERS! ♥️


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4 thoughts on “Julia Swoons over Big Brother

  1. I don’t watch much reality TV, I do watch KUWTK and Strictly. I watched the first 3 UK seasons of Big Brother but went off it after that.
    I do look forward to your posts. They have the power to make me smile and often laugh!

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