You know that Forbidden fruit is the tastiest!

Let me just start by saying that as you can probably tell I don’t read much other than Paranormal Romance and lately my jam has mostly been about Reverse Harem Paranormal Romances. Something about shifters, vampires, druids, and other paranormals makes me just super swoony. I don’t particularly seek out contemporary romances. They are cute, and I’ve definitely read quite a few, they just aren’t my main focus when book-seeking. When I was approached to read an ARC for a contemporary new-age romance book I was a little skeptical but willing to try it!  


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I started Forbidden by Amelia Gates really knowing nothing about it. I didn’t seek it out and read a description, I just jumped in. The cover is of course super sexy. I mean swoon! He kinda looks likes Silas from Weeds. Super hot. Overall, I really enjoyed the book. It only took me a couple of days to read and I’ve been reading it as much as I can. The night before last I really didn’t want to put it down, but I knew if I didn’t get some sleep I’d be a zombie. #Adulting


This story starts of with Kim, a 25 year old super smart woman that was able to graduate high school and college suuuuper early and is now a teacher. She is the guardian of her niece, Shannon, who’s mother also Kim’s sister was killed in an airplane accident. A 25-year-old taking care of a 17-year-old, boy that sounds exhausting. Kim is a quirky chick that says fuck a lot. #SoulSisters? Her niece is adorable and takes care of Kim because Kim tends to be a hot mess. Again, #SoulSisters?! She is sort of newly single after her fiancé was too killed in the accident that killed her sister. Her sister who seems to be a mega cunt that was sleeping with her fiancé. Kim is overall a freaking saint, so she doesn’t hold a grudge against her sister. Maybe not #SoulSisters… 😉


We also have Zayne. He’s the swoony guy on the cover. So obviously he is going to be our man-crush right?! A sexy man to come in and sweep our MC off her feet. Well problem, he is a student at the school she teaches at. He’s 18 so settle your jets but still. Definitely forbidden (aka the title! It’s all coming together now isn’t it?!). Well of course forbidden fruit is the tastiest. Ask any high school girl that decides to go after the bad boy. Bad boys are fun. Being bad is fun. Ask young Julia, she’ll tell you. Adult Julia works in insurance and is pretty boring. Young Julia, whew she was scary! 😊

bad boys.gif

So Zayne sets his sights on Kim and HAS to have her. Of course, I mean she is pretty swell. Their relationship is adorable and super sexy. She is literally a woman after my own heart as she loves old 80s romance movies and John Hughes! I mean who doesn’t love John freaking Hughes?! My husband that’s who. He’s lucky I love him so much or I would leave him for having such bad tastes. But seriously. Sixteen Candles. When they lean over the cake to kiss. Ahhhhh ❤ 80s 90s & early 00s love movies are the best. Anything Molly Ringwald. Completely unrealistic but the absolute best. That is where Julia Swoons started swooning. Seriously!

thats the boy.gif

Zayne’s father is the Mayor and a super big douche. The bad boys always have douchey parents. It’s part of the criteria to get their bad boy card. That and tattoos, cigarettes, and Northern Lights but I digress. Bad boys are the shit. I think that this story could have been edging on creepy if Zayne wasn’t 18 and Kim wasn’t so young. Also if it was a man teacher and a female student.. That shit is always in headlines. But there isn’t the ick factor. I honestly thought their relationship was really adult and super cute. I wanted them to succeed. I was really rooting for these kids the entire time!

bad boy.gif

There are obviously some twists and turns and things must get completely fucked up. What is a story without a little conflict?! Perfect. Just kidding, kinda 😉 I really enjoyed this story. The author writes really well and all the characters, minus Mayor fuckwad, are super likable. The sex scenes are super hot and not over the top. Some definite ‘womb-clenching’ goodness! Ha. I love that phrase. I do suggest that you all grab a copy as it is definitely worth it. Plus, it’s a Kindle Unlimited book so bonus points! Special thanks to the author for the ARC and for pushing me in the direction of contemporary! There were no fangs or shifting but I still loved it!


Keep swooning dolls ❤

11 thoughts on “You know that Forbidden fruit is the tastiest!

  1. So much hotness on one post. I do love Matt Bomer. I read a lot of spicy romances but I probably have more supernatural or paranormal romance on my tablet (especially Audible, but Kindle too) I pretty much did swoon when I saw this cover! I need to add this to my TBR (80’s movies rocked!) Fantastic review

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