Where has Julia Swoons been?!

Heeeeelllllllooooooo!! It’s been a couple days since I posted and BOY have I been busy. No I haven’t been off with my vampire or shifter harem trying to fight off rebels or druids. I’ve been busy with family stuffs!! You know. #Momming

mom is hard.gif

On Saturday, we had a birthday party for my daughter Charlotte! She turns 4 on August 25th and I have no idea how it’s freaking possible. I swear I was just pregnant. But it’s true, she is getting older and I’m just getting old. 


We had lots of friends and family come to a park in town where the kids went wild, we ate some Dominos, and ate some Paw Patrol cake! Plus immediate family wore Paw Patrol family shirts, because we are obviously cool like that 🙂 


Charlotte got spoiled with a bunch of toys of course. Her big presents were a Paw Patrol bike from her grandma Joni (my mom) and a swing set from her grandparents (the hubby’s parents). Putting the bike together inside was a hassle but aboslutely NOTHING compared to putting the freaking swing set together. Who has put a swing set together?! Anyone. If so, then you know the absolute HELL my husband I went through…


It literally took 6 hours in 85-90 degree weather to put it together. It the freaking direct blazing sun. Lots of cursing, chigger bites, cuts, and an almost 4 year old constantly asking if we were done yet before we FINALLY got this thing put together. Plus, fun fact. You should read the directions on tiki torches. I lit my new one and set the whole damn thing ablaze…. #LessonLearned


I do have to admit that it’s pretty cool. Charlotte is of course over the moon which makes it all worth it of course. BUT stupid me, being above sunscreen and all is SUPER freaking burnt. To a crisp. I’m probably dying. 

20180820_090919       20180820_090941

ALSO my little almost 4 year old nugget start Pre-K yesterday! I know right. *Sob* Look at how cute she is. So adorable. 


Well, while I sob into my coffee about my baby growing up I’ll let you get back to your Tuesday. 


Hopefully I can get a book review in ASAP as I just finished something AMAZING! I can’t wait to get into it. But for real. Thanks for stopping in! Love you dolls ❤ 




9 thoughts on “Where has Julia Swoons been?!

  1. My baby is in 7th grade and I am so so glad that pre-K years are over. However, I have PUBERTY! It’s a nightmare. You think a swing set is bad, try a 12-year-old pubescent girl screaming for who the hell knows what.

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