Four Psychos… That I am, of course, completely obsessed with ❤

Bad boys. Jerks. Assholes. Whatever you call them. I love them. WHY DO I LOVE BAD BOYS SO MUCH?! Who knows. Let’s get into ‘Four Psychos’ by Kristy Cunning ❤

Four Psychos

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We have our MC, a ghost, who doesn’t remember anything about her previous life or even her name. She is unseen to the four men she resides with and is left only to her own devices. She mostly just watches the guys live their lives as reapers sending souls to the other side and have lots of group sex with random women. She is hilarious and absolutely adorable with zero shame. The only way she can stay in this world without fading into the ‘in-between’ place is to keep her eyes on them, seems like a great excuse to watch some hot sex… Ammirite?! She refers to the guys by number, which gets a bit confusing at the beginning, but she eventually switches to their actual names.


One – Gage (freakishly perfect with gorgeous hair)

Two – Ezekiel (likes nipples, snort)

Three – Kai (the selfish one and blindingly gorgeous)

Four – Jude (her favorite)

 watching you.gif

For five and a half years she has been watching them, getting to know them, feeling like part of the weird little family all without them even knowing she was there. That is until one night while the guys are sleeping an intruder comes into the house. She goes through her typical nightly ritual of going to each of their doors and saying goodnight (aw ) then sits in Two’s room watching over him as he sleeps. That night a man enters the house with a sword heading straight for One’s room. Being a ghost, all her attempts to stop him or wake up the guys fail. She is left to witness the murder of one of her men, unable to do anything. Just as the man swings his sword to issue a death blow to One she launches herself at the man screaming. He sees her and freezes in horror giving One the opportunity to wake up and slit the guys throat.. Whew! She saved One! So of course, after One kills the guy his immediate reaction is to start swinging the sword through our ghost chick! Fucking men… ungrateful…


Now that all the guys can see her our girl, who is still nameless, has some explaining to do. What is she? Why is she there? The guys ambush her with questions to which she tries to answer eagerly, overwhelmingly excited that her men can FINALLY see/hear her! She explains that she must have ‘leveled up’ when saving One so they definitely need to almost die again so she can keep ‘leveling up’! Being completely and unashamedly flirty she starts telling the guys about her 5 long years watching them and their sexapades. She of course tells them that she is VERY interested in having sex with all four of them, because #noshame! 😊 A girl after my own heart. My favorite part is her ability to just change her outfits with a thought and she is just a ghost. She thinks an outfit into her head and bam! She’s wearing it. She mostly wears lingerie, you know in case she turns whole and can act out her fantasies 😉 It totally distracts the guys, swoon.


The way the guys treat her is heartbreaking. She spends five years thinking that if/when she ever becomes ‘whole’ that she would just fit into their family dynamic without a hitch. They’d love and accept her completely. Wrong. The guys meet her with complete skepticism and suspicion. They think she is a trick, something to lure them into a false sense of security. They are working to enter the Trials in Hell, so they believe that maybe she was sent by someone that doesn’t want them to succeed. She continually saves their lives from assassins every night while they sleep and in the trials, yet they continue to see her as untrustworthy. They work to find ways to get rid of her, eventually giving her a name off one of the TV Shows she watches just so they have something to yell when she disappears. Keyla. A tv character that constantly fights off attacks. Fitting. I wonder if the jerks tv Keyla saves are a little more fucking appreciative.


So, I’ve gone over in previous blog posts that I have a thing for assholes. Bad boys, whew. Something about them is just so freaking hot. Well these guys are assholes. Every. Single. One. Of. Them. Sure they sometimes have some redeeming qualities and sure I may be skeptically to a ghost that just shows up in my life.. But shit, they are really mean. It’s kinda sad. Through the meanness though is an undeniable lust. The guys are completely unable to have sex one-on-one with ladies. Their shit just won’t work. Well it’s different with Keyla. As she continues to have times of ‘leveling-up’ she has moments where she actually becomes whole. Yay Keyla! Well at those times the guys find that they can actually, you know, get it up.


(Side note: Heath Ledger is the HOTTEST asshole ever in 10 Things I hate About You)

Okay so these assholes, that I am completely in love with. I know, I’m a ridiculous person. Well they are kinda great and kinda horrible. Keyla is hilarious, spunky, fearless, and just overall completely and totally amazing. I really love her. She has definitely got to be one of my favorite MC. I would classify this as a slow burn as the MC, Keyla, is immediately met with suspicion from the four guys. Things will start heating up but then the guys go back to distrusting her leaving her frustrated with their constant refusal to accept that she doesn’t have evil *lady bits*. She gets dealt a REALLY shitty hand and is still completely loyal to these guys. Do they deserve it? I guess you’ll have to read and find out… Trust me though, you’ll be swooning

bad guys.gif

12 thoughts on “Four Psychos… That I am, of course, completely obsessed with ❤

  1. This one is on my TBR. If you aren’t already, there is a Reverse Harem Facebook page that will give you some similar books to devour!


  2. So at first this really reminded me of the series Soul Screamers (which also has some really cool reapers and ghosts and stuff) but then changed real fast when it got super sexy. The romance stuff isn’t really my jam but the rest sounds super cool.

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  3. I find the premise of this book a little … disturbing, I mean a lot actually. Secretly living with and spying on four guys that are referred to as ‘psychos’, endeavouring to serve them in exchange for ‘being whole’ and the ultimate prize of being accepted by them and having sex with all of them, all the while they treat her like crap? To me, that just kind of sends a bad message, in a big way. It also kind of promotes a lot of things that series like Twilight was criticised for (the sleep watching, this feeling of possession over people, promoting abusive relationships) but with the gender roles reversed.
    I’m glad you enjoyed it but … I don’t think this book is for me.


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