Elements of Ruin. I’m in love with Warden. Swoon.

Dolls. Swooners. Thank you for joining me. We have today Elements of Ruin by Tate James and CM Stunich. 

elements of ruin

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WHYYYYYY?!?!?!?! Ugh. Okay, okay. Let me try to pull myself together… Whew! Elements of Ruin. Tate James. CM Stunich. This is fast becoming one of my ALL-TIME favorite series. For real. Arizona is my soul sister. I love her. I LOVE HER OKAY?!?! Let’s get into this.

what is happening

The battle between the bio parents and our heroes is over. For now. Everyone is trying to pull themselves together — & shove a bone back into their body if you are George, ew. Not even the good kinda bone, but I digress. Warden who is the love of my freaking life, wait sorry I mean Arizona’s life, has disappeared again. COME ON! Plus, one of Ari’s besties is with them, Siobhan, who is a freaking succubus?! Supernaturals are everywhere. I need to examine the people in my life a bit… There must be some shit happening. I can’t be living a COMPLETELY normal life…. COME BACK WARDEN.

come back.gif

So we have met Ari’s five guys. I know, freaking five guys…. How fair is that?! Well listen to this fucking shit. There is a sixth guy. A FREAKING SIXTH GUY. So, we got… Billy, our sexy as sin fire Elemental. Shane, our freaking gorgeous southern air Elemental. Reg, our super-hot pervy water Elemental. George, our freaking swoony sweet earth Elemental. THEN. Whew. This is taking a while. Okay, so also there is Warden. Ohhhh Warden. We haven’t gotten to get to know Warden much because he has been MIA. We find out in the last book that he is, gasp, Max. Ari’s long-lost love. Swoon. Serious swoon. I. Can’t. Stop. Swooning. Over. Here.  So Warden is kinda a jerk. But I mean kinda not. She broke his heart man! Give him a break. Gosh, I want him. I love his sweetness. & his weird form of cursing. Soul mates.

i love him.gif

Buuuuut now we have a sixth?! Whaaaaaaaa? Yes, so Warden. Swoon. He is a bit bi-curious. Swoon. So, not only has he had a thing with Billy. Swoon. But he had a thing with a metal Elemental. Dustin. Dusty. Swoon. I swear I’ll stop. Dusty is Irish. Swoon. BAHHHH Okay. Sorry. So Dusty is Irish and has been taken by CUM. We don’t have time to wait for COCS to save Dusty from CUM so we gotta get in and get out before CUM is everywhere. Snort. Siobhan, the succubus, sneaks Ari and our boys into a sex party to save Dusty for the sex crazed succubi and inccubi. After a SUPER hot scene between Ari, Billy, and Warden. Swoon. We find Dusty chained by the next surrounded by sex crazed freaks bidding on him. So how do we save him? Morph into a sex crazed freak, obvi. Dusty is rude, aggressive, an absolute asshole. But of course, he is so freaking HOTT. Duh. PLUS, IRISH. I LOVE IRISH MEN! Mo Chroi – that means my heart in Gaelic. Swoon. That will be tattooed on my body soon.

giphy (13).gif

Soooo this book is obviously amazing. If you aren’t getting it, you need to re-read the above. COME ON. We have sexy assed men. Attacks from bio-parents. Attacks from CUM. I mean it’s everywhere. Will COCS help out? Will Ari punch Joan in her stupid freaking face? WHAT WILL HAPPEN?! I mean obviously you’ll fall in love with Warden. But don’t cuz he is mine. But go, read the book. It is really amazing. I finished the book in the tub and literally yelled WHAT THE FUCK. Come on, just swoon with me ♡ 😉


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