Dragon’s Guard. Shifters are hot. Especially Assholes.

Dragon’s Guard by Eva Chase is super freaking amazing. Like so swoony and hot. Plus, there is an audiobook version which is a HUGE bonus. Eva Chase is an amazing author really bringing the heat with The Dragon Shifter’s Mates series and the narrators on the audiobook are really good. Like really pull you into the story. Okay, let’s get to swooning…

Dragon's Guard

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Ren’s mom disappeared without a trace 7 years ago. Right before disappearing, when Ren was 14, her mom gave her a locket, requesting that she never take it off and not to open it until she turns 21. On her 21st birthday, after having the necklace for 7 long years, Ren finally opens it. Nothing happens. Pretty anti-climactic, right? Little did she know that when she opened the locket she activated a course of events that would alter life as she knew it.

nothing happened.gif

Ren is a shifter, a dragon shifter, she just has absolutely no idea. Celebrating her 21st birthday by herself in an almost empty bar she sips on her first legal drink, a Bloody Mary, awaiting her best friend Kylie who has promised a night of adventure. Ren’s world is flipped upside down when a stranger drugs and kidnaps her. Luckily for her, her kidnapper is working for a very sexy man named Marco who brings about very strange reactions in Ren. She hasn’t had much adventure in the love department, so she is completely astonished that she wants to jump this stranger’s bones. He claims that he did not okay her kidnapping and tells her she is free to go, but he seems to have information about Ren’s long-lost mother that Ren can’t help but be curious about.


Ren’s bestie Kylie, with an amazing Boston accent (via the Audiobook of course 😉), breaks into Marco’s mansion to rescue her – yes not only is he drop dead sexy but also rich… How do I get kidnapped by this man? Maybe even a relative?! I mean this really goes into my last review of Elizabeth and her dragons (find it here), the key is the jewelry. I need to find the magical jewelry hanging out in my life. Anyway, so Marco explains that there are more guests joining their ‘party’ as she is a very popular girl. Intrigue. 3 more men, yes you heard me right, show up to meet Ren. Of course, they are also smoking freaking hot. Nate, Aaron, and West join Marco, Ren, and Kylie to get the deets on Ren. Who is actually named Serenity. A much better name than Ren, but whatever. Secrecy and all that.

hot men.gif

Ren explains to the guys that she knows nothing of her life before it was just her and her mom. They have been living in New York since she was five, keeping to themselves. That was until she was 14 and her mom left on one of her trips, then never came back. The guys explain that they are all shifters and so is she. This all makes my 21st birthday seem pretty dull. I mean mine ended with vodka gummy bears and my head in the toilet. Ren’s ends with her finding her four sexy shifter mates and learning she is a dragon shifter. The only thing I shifted into was a puking slop-o-potamus. Oh well, can’t win em all I suppose… 😊 After a demonstration from the very gorgeous Nate, a grizzly bear shifter. Swoon. Ren is realizing this is all very real and seems very right. Best part of these shifter books? Of course, that the guys ALWAYS strip before they shift. I mean for the sake of their clothes and not being wasteful fucks of course. It’s really quite noble. Now to find some shifters…. For educational purposes of course!


The dragon shifters are the core of all shifter-kind. They unite the kin-groups with one common tie, by taking all four alphas as their mates.”

Well fuuuuck. So this Ren chick that we are falling in love with. She is awesome okay?! Well, she gets to mate with their four shifter alphas. Marco, a jaguar shifter. Swoon. Nate, the grizzly bear shifter. Swoon. Aaron, the eagle shifter. Swoon. AND West, the wolf shifter. Swoon. So of course my favorite is West. I have a serious complex. Like really I should speak to a therapist about it because I ALWAYS fall head over heels for the asshole. Why? I don’t know. I’m sure it’s because of the patriarchy. The fucking patriarchy. Maybe I’m a secret sub. Who knows. But boy these asshats just get me going. Like Adam in Girls, at the beginning he is just a douche that uses her. God. I love him. I honestly believe that like Adam, when you wear those assholes down the payoff is amazing. Anyway, West meets Ren with complete dismissiveness, standoffish, assholery. Even though he is completely drawn to her, he fights it because he doesn’t trust it. He doesn’t believe in something that takes his choices away. We find out when they visit his pack that he is just an amazingly protective alpha that is sweet and swoony. But still an asshat.



adams adam

This book is amazing. So is the rest of the series. There are four books that are just freaking fabulous. Eva Chase is a freaking word wizard. She writes really hot men and amazing women that aren’t pitiful wimps. This series is reverse harem with a few group scenes and a lot of really hot steamy scenes. It’s a series that you will go back and re-read. Plus, the audiobook is AMAZING. The narrators do so well and the male voices.. swoon. The magnetic chemistry is amazing. Like super swoony. You will not regret picking up this book today. I swear. Come on, you know you want to swoon with me ❤


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