Who is Julia Swoons?

Hey dolls! Happy freaking Friday ya’ll ❤


I feel like I have been blogging away but haven’t really gotten into me. I mean who the heck is Julia and why is she swooning so much?! Well I am 26 and an Assistant Underwriter at an insurance company in Illinois.  I feel like I have been ‘boy-crazy’ from the start of my life. I remember my first crushes as Ashton Kutcher on That 70s Show, Joey Tribbiani on Friends, and Ringo Starr’s cartoon character on The Yellow Submarine. I just absolutely love love. My favorite movies? My favorite TV shows? My favorite books? THEY ALL HAVE LOVE IN COMMON.

What else do I love? Books. Especially romance books! I have read quite a few YA books and love a lot of them, but I always felt like they were lacking in the love department. So where did I turn? Romance books. You heard me. Smut. Lady porn. Call it what you will, I love it. (I’m obviously getting paid every time I use the word LOVE 😊). Discovering the Reverse Harem genre was also HUGE for me, because I mean.. #WhyChoose. Plus I can share my love for my smutty books with my momma which is always fun 😉

porn.gif shame.gif

I am a super lucky lady to have an amazing husband that also shares my love of books. Not the same books, no lady porn for Mr. Kyle Swoons. Sharing a love of books is an awesome thing in our relationship because we get to spend a lot of time reading together. Not over each other’s shoulders or anything, just reading by ourselves silently in the same room. I also have a kid. Little Charlotte Swoon if you will 😉 She too loves to read, even though she hasn’t learned how yet. She tells a really cool story through the pictures though!

Besides my obsession of love, swooning, and all things romance I am also obsessed with Harry Potter. I mean who isn’t?! I even have my own Harry Potter tattoo. Also, a cat named Albus Dumbledore. My daughter is lucky her name isn’t Hermione. I read the books over and over. I listen to the books over and over – strictly the British version though, I love me some Stephen Fry. If you say that Jim Dale is better, you better get outta here. I’m just kidding, please don’t leave!!! 😊 I’m sure we can overcome this, just go listen to all the books read by Stephen Fry and we can figure out who is correct. (Spoiler, it’s me).

20180504_193448.jpg   hp.gif

Okay maybe I got sidetracked a bit by Harry Potter. Meet me in real life and it’ll happen a lot. So, like I said I have a little, her name is Charlotte and she is ALMOST 4. Makes me sad how quickly she is growing up. She better like Harry Potter. HA! Besides my cat who is a jerk named Albus Dumbledore (right), nothing like his namesake this cat, I also have an almost 10-year-old cat name Baby Kitty (left) who is terrified of her own shadow. This cat truly disliked me for the first 5 years of her life. Cats are douches. They can sometimes be cool though. Sometimes. 

Well I have been rattling on about myself enough! I have lots of books to read, so I can review em, that’s why you come here right?! I am happy to answer questions, argue with you about Stephen Fry and Jim Dale, or just generally talk about nonsense. 


Julia ❤

9 thoughts on “Who is Julia Swoons?

  1. Great to get to know you. My son is called Xander and I said if I had a girl I would of loved to name her Willow, but then I thought about Buffy and decided against it – can you imagine what people would think. Luckily I only had boys.

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