Elizabeth gets dragons, now where are mine!

Elizabeth and the Clan of Dragons by Ava Mason is the shit. For real. The first book is like a gateway drug. I go from living my normal life to suddenly dreaming about these sexy dragons wondering why on earth shifters aren’t real. Or if they are, how do I find them?! These are serious questions. Want to get where I am? Well read on this hop on in to the AMAZING reverse harem romance. You. Will. Love. It.


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Elizabeth is a wolf shifter that is the fated alpha of her pack. The moon chose her as fated alpha, which some of the pack are not in agreement with due to her inability to shift. This includes her boyfriend’s father. Secret boyfriend that is. As future pack alpha Elizabeth is not allowed to pick a mate until she can shift. Plus all the hot sex she is having with him, also not allowed. But we will DEFINITELY not be telling anyone 🙂 Her biggest problem is that she only has a year left to accomplish shifting before she turns 25 and the pack decides to pick a new alpha.

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Lizzy’s secret boyfriend, Aaron, is a complete dreamboat. In many shifter romances, the males are super arrogant and most of the time are in charge. Aaron is a breath of fresh air in the genre. He respects her as fated alpha and truly believes she has what it takes to lead the pack. Even if she doesn’t believe in herself. Their secret romance is adorable and super hot. I love the fact that they have been friends for years and still have this adorable cutesy friendship within their relationship. He is her sanctuary from her responsibilities and she is his sanctuary from his horrid father and his responsibilities to his family.

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Aaron’s father, who Elizabeth refers to as Scarface, is a class A dick. He is constantly putting her down and denies that she can truly lead the pack even if she does shift. He is just a complete dick and lives up to his name-sake in more ways than one. He is also truly horrible to his own son by constantly putting him down. He even goes as far to publicly smack him across his face at Elizabeth’s birthday party when the counsel determines that she remain fated alpha. This is where we get to see a first glimpse of Elizabeth’s badassness, as she puts Scarface in his place using her alpha dominance over him. Elizabeth’s birthday party is full of surprises besides her putting douchebag Scarface in his place.


Before her guests arrive, Elizabeth’s mom presents her with a beautiful blue diamond necklace. Her mom advises her to keep it close and hidden. Keep it secret, keep it safe! Very Gandalf of her. I think I am missing some magical jewelry in my life. Frodo gets a ring and heads off on a holiday to Mordor (I jest of course) & Elizabeth gets a necklace and gets to run off with dragons. So back to the story at hand, because I could talk about Lord of the Rings for days.

onne ring.gif

Elizabeth gets her necklace that her mom has told her to keep secret. She wears it to her party and gets some cute time with Aaron who also gets her a necklace. #swoon.. After she is determined to remain fated alpha and all her guests leave things go south. Horrifying events force Elizabeth out of her home and running for her life. Elizabeth is truly able to flee from the danger she faces with the help of 4 smoking hot dragon shifters. Because why not? That happens, right?! Not to me, but I’m sure it could. 😉

could happen.gif

The dragon shifters are Hunter, Easton, Christian, and Avery. These guys are the men of all our dreams. Luckily, before her father was killed he was able to call a contact in the dragon shifter world who sent these four hunks to save her. Elizabeth is then thrown into a world of dragon shifters she didn’t even know existed. The guys help her escape the pack even as they continue to track her. Her relationship with the guys is so steamy with lots and lots of sexual tension. Plus they are so yummy. She still holds a place for Aaron but events beyond her control lead to a bond forming between her and her dragon shifters. I mean I love me some Aaron but these Hunter, Easton, Christian, and Avery are just… Whew ❤


This book is so wonderfully written with just the right amount of love and action. I seriously love Aaron and I love all the dragon shifters so much. Each of the dragon shifters stories are completely different forcing the reader, & Elizabeth to fall in love with each of them. When I first started reading this amazing series I downloaded the Kindle Unlimited version called ‘Elizabeth and her Dragons’ which is a compilation of the first four books. Currently, there are six books with the seventh coming out soon. This is one of my ALL-TIME favorite reverse harem series. As the series progresses the characters grow so much. Elizabeth is a bad ass. Truly. She may not be able to shift but she has vengeance in her heart and is not afraid of anything. Plus the men. I think my favorite is Avery but sometimes Hunter. Oh & Christian. Plus, Easton. Gosh. Swoon. I know, I’m indecisive. But, like we say in the reverse harem fan-world #WhyChoose?


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