Elements of Mischief, Sexy Plumbers & Hilarious Puns

If you haven’t figured it out already I love Reverse Harem books. If you don’t then you just don’t understand the appeal yet. Don’t worry, you’ll get there. I have found a HILARIOUS Reverse Harem series that I am SO glad I jumped into. Elements of Mischief, of the Hijinks Harem series, is fast becoming one of my favorites. Written by two phenomenal writers, C.M. Stunich & Tate James, it’s obvious that the book could be nothing but amazing.

Elements of Mischief

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Have you ever had to hire a plumber to come fix your pipes only to witness them turning into dragon-like elementals thus turning you into a shimmer and forcing you into the world of supernatural? No? Well me neither, but it sure does sound like a fun time! Arizona Smoke (talk about a hot name!) inherits her dead grandma’s house and a $17,000 plumbing fix. Yoowza. Sounds like gram is kinda a bitch, well she is but we’ll get to that. After being referred to a group of plumbers than can clean her pipes on a payment plan Ari meets 4 smoking hot plumbers. Sounds like an oxymoron, ammirite?

sex plumber.gif

Shane, Billy, George, and Reg have come to assist Arizona with her pipes and luckily, they’ve brought their own plungers. Ha! Talk about punny. I hope you love puns as much as I do because this book is FULL of them. I seriously loved all the plumbing cracks (pun was NOT intended but I’m running with it 😉) throughout the book. I was constantly chuckling, and I know you will be too. This book is hilarious, SUPER sexy, and set with just the right amount of action/conflict. Arizona is a woman after my own heart. She isn’t your typical virgin-like character who is pretty tame before being thrown into the life of a polyamorous relationship. I mean Arizona has a piercing on her woo-ha… Talk about edgy! Plus she is a drinker. Ahhhh someone that loves to drink as much as me. Since having my little one I don’t really drink so I will just live vicariously through Arizona Smoke.


Usually in books the MC always has a best friend that I honestly forget about because I’m just like get to the business.. You know.. The love. Don’t be a perv. Ari has a pretty awesome BFF though, who just happens to be a wolf shifter. Britt not only is a drinker, but is also a constantly cursing promiscuous ball of fun. What. A. Good. Time. Ari’s men are also balls of fun themselves. They are dark, dangerous, and outrageously sexy. Tattooed. Ahhh there is just something about a tattooed man that makes a girl swoon.


Well let’s get back to Gram. This bitch. I mean we all wish we had a snooty British grandma coming back as a ghost to judge us in a British accent for our drinking, cursing, and promiscuousness, right? Right. Ari’s Gram does all of this and does a lot of twat blocking as well. What a bitch. Don’t interrupt our sexy scenes! 

dont interrupt.gif

Ari finds out that not only has she become an Elemental dragon shifter herself through some magical rune making orgy sex, but her gram? Yeah, she’s a witch. Say what?! It seems like Ari’s previously normal life was anything but normal and the shots just keep on coming – I think this book has rubbed off on me because I’m becoming awfully punny 😉. Other characters in her life are also supernatural and they continue to reveal themselves… I.e. the cuntmuffin — Yeah, you are gonna have to read to find out more about that one!! 


This book will keep you laughing at the plumbing humor, drooling over the SEXY Elemental men, and glued to your seat during the outrageously hot sex scenes. The two authors of this book are extraordinarily talented, and I will be seeking out more of their books. What I look for in books is the swoon. They definitely have the swoon-factor on lock.  

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