Poppy, Daughter of Persephone, is a BAD ASS

A recent obsession of mine in the Reverse Harem genre that I continue to think about (why did it have to end?!) is the Cerberus series by Helen Scott. The first book is called ‘Daughter of Persephone’. Intrigued right?! I know I was! Plus, it has fed into this small obsession of mine of Greek Goddesses. I might even have some future tattoos in mind… BUT that is beside the point, you came here to hear about the Cerberus series so let’s get into it! 😊

daughter of persephone

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My first and ONLY transgression with the book immediately was the main character’s name is Poppy. I LOVE bad ass women, so I was seriously wondering how anyone named Poppy could be a bad ass. Maybe its because of my recent obsession with Trolls, I mean Poppy in Trolls is pretty cool but not necessarily a bad ass, so I was definitely skeptical. (Fun fact, our Elf on the Shelf is also named Poppy) WELL I am here to tell you that Helen Scott’s Poppy is a bad ass. Daughter of Persephone gives you what you need to activate your goddess-like powers and to call to you a harem of sexy men from the depths of Hades. Take notes ladies.

take notes.gif

Poppy finds the key to her goddess future at a thrift store in the form of a necklace and at a bar in the form of a drink named ‘Cinderella Number Five’. If you know anything about the story of Persephone and Hades (#swoon), then you know about the pomegranate. If you don’t Google it because it is an interesting read. So obviously this drink has pomegranate in it – note to self, Google this drink – thus tipping over the first metaphorical domino to her new life.


Immediately after taking this goddess inducing shot Poppy finds herself feeling sick and ready to go home – we’ve all been there girl 😉. After a long sleep she goes back to her life as a bartender, at least life is back to normal right? Wrong. While leaving the bar after her shift she stumbles upon a giant black dog with red glowing eyes. What. The. Fuck. In attempts to get away she runs straight into the arms of a very sexy man we learn to be named Hunter. Yum. She begs for his help and instead begins to get an explanation of her life to be. Cue the scary hellhound turning into a very naked man, Knox. Well obviously, with all this overwhelming crap hitting poor Poppy all at once she passes out. As a frequent fainter, I fully understand.


Poppy wakes up to find herself in a strange house surrounded by these strange, but sexy, men. Along with a ghost of an old woman, but she’s nice so we aren’t really too worried about her. Poppy is hilarious. Truly. So are her men. As she is thrust into this world where the supernatural is real and she is included, she takes it all on with wit, sarcasm, and a fierceness we all dream to have. Poppy’s quest to become queen of the underworld involves her 3 hellhound shifters, finding her 4th hellhound shifter, and gaining her 3 judges. You counted right, 7. That’s how many SEXY men Poppy gets, & to think I actually questioned if she was a bad ass… Helen Scott 1 – Julia 0.


Poppy falling in love with these men is my absolute favorite. I love swooning and this book is full of it. These guys are ALL very swoonworthy. There are A LOT of really sexy scenes and even some group scenes that even have the power to make me blush. Not an easy feat, trust me 😉 My favorite part is I feel like a lot of the focus is on the love. I understand that books have to have action, conflict, etc. Blah. Blah. Blah. I understand it, doesn’t mean I always love it. The action and conflict in this book are amazing. Like I said, furthering my obsession with Greek Gods. But the love. Ohhh the love, is the best. This book is amazing from the start! I seriously couldn’t put it down! I fell asleep with kindle in hand and woke up in the morning ready to start reading again! This series is complete and consists of 3 AMAZING books that will soon become some of your favorite escapes. You just gotta jump in… & swoon with me ❤


11 thoughts on “Poppy, Daughter of Persephone, is a BAD ASS

  1. Great review! Poppy must be a popular book name right now, I just finished a book where the main character was named Poppy and it thought it was so unique and unusual!

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