A Twisty Turny Journey called ‘Supay’

Okay… Who is ready to have your mind effed? L A Boruff’s book Supay has more twists than an M Night Shyamalan movie and you will LOVE every second of it!


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Riley comes home to find her family is gone without a trace. Her husband and her two boys have just disappeared along with all their belongings. She is obviously devastated and continues looking for them without any success. In the five years since she lost them she becomes this bad ass chick that kicks ass and takes names. Cue training montage. It feels like the movie Enough with J-Lo where she starts training to kick her abusive husband’s ass, except Riley is training to never have to live in fear again. She never once believed her husband left with the kids, she knows something horrible happened and she refuses to let the same happen to her.


Things begin to get weird one day when a supposed FBI agent comes to her door with a phony name and story asking to interview her again about the day her husband disappeared. Now that she is a bad ass she obviously tricks him into slipping up in his facade and pulls a gun on him. Um, talk about bad ass?! The fake FBI agent reveals himself to be a man named Anthony who knows where her family is, so she passes out. I mean I don’t blame her, talk about overwhelming.

giphy (3).gif

Well after waking up and no longer feeling safe in her home she goes to stay at her friend and trainer’s house, Elias. Who just happens to be a hunk. Riley has to avoid temptation because her family could still be alive. There’s no harm in a little cuddling though, right? The twists keep coming when Riley finds out that Elias and Anthony know each other. They don’t just know each other, they grew up together. Along with her missing husband. Talk about complicated.


Supay takes you into an amazing world of vampires that are seriously SO unlike your typical vampires. Take what you know about vampires and throw it out because this book will show you that you know nothing. Riley is opened up to this supernatural world that has literally been right outside her doorstep. All she has to do is get back her family, mix it up a little with some sexy supernatural hunks (this is REVERSE HAREM so hunks is plural!), avoid the supernatural government that wants to kill her for her knowledge, as well as learning about herself and her own connection with the supernatural. All in a days work right?!

pile it up

The twists and turns of this journey will constantly keep you guessing. You can see how much research and knowledge the author put into this book.  & I love to finally have a plus sized beauty as a MC who struggles being comfortable in her skin. The men are dreamy dreamy dreamy who love and worship her just as she is. (Cause you know, there are men that LOVE us THICK ladies too!) Take this journey of magic and unknown with Riley, I promise you won’t regret it!!!


P.S Wanna know the best part? The second book, Leyak, JUST CAME OUT. I know right?! Find it here then come back and SWOON with me ❤

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