Queen takes… The Cake (Queen Takes Knights)

#MajorSwoonAlert This is not a warning.. I repeat. This is not a warning.

Let’s talk Queen Takes Knights by Joely Sue Burkhart

queen takes knights

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Shara is your everyday typical girl. Well, except for the fact that monsters come to attack her every night. As a child Shara witnessed her parents being murdered by the creatures that come out at night and since then she has been unable to stay anywhere for too long. Forced to hop from job to job, Shara is unable to make any friends or really call any place home. That all changes after a late-night hotel room cleaning. (Ew.)


On her way back she can sense the monsters, they’ve come to get her and it looks like they are finally going to succeed. Shara is prepared to take her own life to escape the horrible fate her parents faced, until her knights come to save her. Shara cannot believe her luck when two gorgeous men leap out to save her from the monsters. Especially when they call her their queen. Wait, what?!


Alrik & Daire, two extremely sexy vampires, have come to declare themselves as Shara’s Blood with vows to protect her from all evils in the world. These two men thrust (pun intended) her into the world of vampires unveiling her true self, a very powerful vampire queen descended straight from Isis herself. Shara definitely realizes that being a vampire, even a fangless one, is totally awesome and the best part? Obviously the two gorgeous men that are completely devoted to her. #jealous


This book is so amazing. The story is really interesting and like no other. I thoroughly enjoy reading vampire romance and this is definitely in its own class. You should be warned that it gets a bit graphic and involves a lot of blood play. (I mean they are vampires, let’s be honest… should we really be surprised?) Think True Blood flash-back sex scenes with Bill and Lorena… really any True Blood scene. Blood and sex, lots of it. Luckily, Joely Burkhart has an amazing talent with words and even the most graphic scenes are well written and not thrown in just for the sake of the wow factor. There is a reason for all the blood, you’ll see!

eric  trueblood  giphy (2)

Overall, I am completely obsessed with this book as well as with the rest of the series. Shara fucking Isador (Daire’s words not mine 😉) is a badass bitch that we all wish we could be. I mean who doesn’t want a harem of devoted men? Everyone. Don’t lie. If you haven’t started this series, you really need to. Then come back here and tell me what you think. I’ll be waiting….


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