Unmerciful: Completely Unpredictable

Cat Miller is an expert on love. Seriously. Unmerciful is a tribute to how well she is able to brand our hearts and souls with the characters she has so carefully created. Not only will the newest book in her Forbidden Bond series have you swooning like a love sick teenager, you will be completely entranced in the love scenes that are sooooo steamy.


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For those of you not familiar with the Forbidden Bond series you need to pick up the first book, Unbound. It is so great. But right now, we are talking about Unmerciful.. Concentrate. If you haven’t read Unbound stop reading. Now. Go read Unbound and Unforgiven, then come back here to get the scoop on book 3!

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Okay, so Unmerciful. Whew! We have our sexy man-candy Kayden back in our lives. Thank. God. He was seriously my favorite for a LONG time in Unbound. If I didn’t love Chase so freaking much I would be so disappointed with how things turned out for Kayden, but everything happens for a reason. Even in our fictional Vampire Nation. If Dani and Kayden had ended up together we wouldn’t have our female MC from this book, Lindsay, and that would be just plain sad. This girl is awesome and *gasp* human! Whaat?!


Lindsay is a classic case of ‘the one that got away’. Kayden meets Lindsay in the vampire bar from the first book that Chase owns, Thirst. This bar in a college town is frequented by humans and vampires alike, although unknown to the humans. It seems Lindsay has a vampire radar that even she doesn’t know about that is key to her avoidance of the vampire male patrons. Kayden, of course, is the exception to this radar. Their attraction is magnetic, instant, and completely hot. One thing leads to another and it seems that they will forever be each other’s missed opportunity.


Enter the villain from book number 2, the Rogue, who has chosen Lindsay as a perfect candidate for testing the only vampire drug HypnoVamp. Forced into the world of Vampires, Lindsay must unwillingly face a battle within herself or be exterminated. This excruciating battle is so hauntingly written, you won’t be able to stop yourself from speed reading through this entire book. Lindsay definitely fills the big shoes Cat Miller has created with her host of amazing female main characters in every single one of her books. Her women are bad ass and her men are freaking gorgeous.


It is a breath of fresh air to enter a romance series that doesn’t follow the same projected plan just with different characters in each book. I seriously thought I was past being surprised but this book had me on the edge of my seat more times than I can count. I literally could predict nothing! It is imperative that you grab this book and sink back into Vampire Nation, a hot bath and a glass of wine are optional but strongly recommended.


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