Perfect. The perfect Reverse Harem starter.. See what I did there?! :)

Okay so we have Perfect by Adell Ryan my FIRST sci-fi Reverse Harem. Yay ❤


Find it here on Amazon!

This book is slow to medium burn, but honestly if you are usually into something hotter don’t let that steer you away! All of the guys in this book are SUPER swoony. Like so adorable and hilarious I found myself laughing out loud/giggling like an idiot, a lot. My co-workers and husband definitely think I’m a nutcase but this book is worth it!

Trust me.

swoon goofy

We open in our futuristic sci-fi world where the government is taking blood samples & genetic info on all US citizens to study our DNA. Participation is mandatory, and the deadline is coming up. Our main character Thessaly is absolutely refusing to participate in this invasion of privacy. You go girl. Fight the power!

giphy (1)

When one of the COMMIES (Commission for Immunity and Evolution Sutdies) shows up at Thess’s house she narrowly avoids them and crashes at her BFF Bram’s house. Thess and Bram’s relationship is the definition of friend zone, but their banter is super adorable and definitely edging on something more. It evens seems the our MC might be looking for something more in her sexily geeky best friend. #swoon 


Flash forward and Thess is being lady-napped by some sexy strangers. May I please? Best part? These guys are HOT HOT HOT. I’ll let you read to learn more about them, because spoilers are gross, but lemme tell you Bram, Jax, Tobias, and Julian are where it is at. The DNA business we were talking about earlier brings this group together in a very unlikely pairing that has more sexual tension than prom night. But who doesn’t love some sexual tension, ammirite?


It is an absolute MUST that you check this book out. Thess is an amazing MC who is pretty badass! If you are new to the RH genre this is a GREAT starter book. The love is new and intense, but not in your face. Plus, our slow-medium burn starts heating up with promises to be scorching hot in the next book. Now to just ponder life and struggle through this book hangover as I wait for book two… 💜


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